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Funnel chair

High chair with built in funnel collection system.
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I noted recently that a considerable amount of food makes its way off of a high chair tray and on to the floor, where an animal (dog, mouse, ant) may or may not then eat it. I propose a built in funnel to collect food which falls off the endge of the tray. The entire chair would be encircled by a funnel shaped firm sheet of plastic, along the lines of a flexible flyer sled. It would rise up to about nose high to the infant, allowing her to easily see over the edge and view people in the room. The funnel would taper to a can under the chair, which would catch food pushed off the tray.

A kid-possessing relative noted that most "dropped" food is actually hurled by the chair occupant, a problem which the funnel does not address.

bungston, Jan 02 2003


       (aside) I like your new combo word: "endge."
snarfyguy, Jan 02 2003

       I submitted the word to pseudodictionary.com under the name "bungston"
bristolz, Jan 02 2003

       I like this one, but to address the food throwing problem how about a clear plasitc bubble with a zip in the back to allow child-insertion and removal. of course there would be air holes around the topthen when dinner is over you remove the child, take off the bubble and bring it outside, fill it with water and dump all the mess. Or use the funnel at the bottom. Depending on your pet status.
PollyNo9, Jun 11 2003


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