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all-weather play pen

outdoor child enclosure that stays outdoors
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mid-weight, portable play pen for the under-three set, made of hard rubber. the bottom would have drainage holes and traction ribbing. the side panels would be softer, flexible rubber mesh. a foldable pad for the bottom of the play pen would go in and out with the family, but the frame could remain outside with the patio furniture for most of the year.
marleymama, Feb 04 2007


       You forgot to specify the mosquito netting which would drape over the top and sides to protect the child from insect bites and potential disease. Perhaps the top panel should also be invested with some sort of insect deterrence and UV ray protection capability, much like the "Buzz-Off" fabrics used in the outdoor clothing manufactured by Ex-Officio. If the netting were very fine, it would also help to keep the equipment cleaner between uses.
jurist, Feb 04 2007

       if it rains, you could put the kid under one arm and the folded pen under the other and take shelter indoors... oh, wait
po, Feb 04 2007

       Shouldn't there be some sort of heating system so the tykes don't get too chilly when it snows?
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 05 2007

       ...and a sturdy loop on top so it can be suspended from tall trees?
hippo, Feb 05 2007

       the tree loop is a great idea ... keep the sticky ones clear of bears while we sleep.
marleymama, Feb 06 2007


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