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Whirled Peas

Well, maybe just domestic
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A topic of discussion at my house is who is going to clean the highchair trays after the babies have had their meal. The tray is white, but by the time the babies get done eating the tray is orange(sweet potatoes, carrots) green(peas, green beans) yellow(corn, squash) purple(prunes) or a mixture of said colors and a few more interesting ones and some chunks. I know it's not hygenic to not clean them for days on end, so I usually clean them at the end of every day or two, depending on how I feel from work or how ragged the children run me or how much brain I have right then. If the tray itself was lumpy(ie not flat) and if it came in a swirled color pattern, the mess wouldn't be as noticeable. It would also give the babies a little something more to play with or at least look at.
barnzenen, May 15 2002


       Whirled Peas. and, it's an old pun.   

       Visualize Whirled Peas.....
runforrestrun, May 15 2002

- Commit sensless acts of beauty and random acts of kindness.
- The performing arts society wants to see more sax and violins on TV.
mwburden, May 15 2002

       Thats what I was going for rforrestr, I just can't spell.
barnzenen, May 15 2002

       I see you've corrected it.... ;-)   

       So, basically, you want a highchair tray that includes whirled colours such as pea green, carrot orange, squash yellow, and beet purple? And you want a lumpy tray?   

       I *think* it's best to clean the tray after every usage.....just stick it in the sink/dishwasher with the dishes....
runforrestrun, May 15 2002

       You make this out to be much harder than it has to be - all of you. When the baby is born, go out and get a puppy of a large breed of dog.

By the time you're feeding the infant mushy food, the dog will be big enough to clean up everything, including the chair, the baby, the walls, the floor.

Dogs are the handiest tool ever made for cleaning up after babies and children.

Plus, studies have shown that kids who grow up from a very young age with pets in the house have fewer allergies.

A messy kid is just a dog treat waiting to happen.
quarterbaker, May 15 2002

       When I was but a lad in grammar school, the trays in our cafeteria were swirled and mottled with an ... interesting mix of maroon, peach, and of all colors olive green. I always wondered how they would find the tray if someone dropped it in the big slop buckets where they had us empty our trays after we ate. Or, worse, if someone, er, didn't quite like the yummy food as well as the rest of us and got, er, violently sick upon the tray. Thank God the things weren't lumpy, though, or I would never have been able to stomach enough food to sustain myself during the day.
jester, May 16 2002

       I was just thinking that the trays could have some hills and vallies so that when babies try to play with toys on them while I'm getting their food ready, things would be more interesting. I didn't mean for the lumps to induce vomiting. Yes, I want a whirled color tray, it doesn't have to be green, orange, yellow, and purple; but it would be nice. This way it would mask most of the colors that they get fed with anyway.
barnzenen, May 16 2002

       I thought from the title and the description of the problem that you were going to suggest having the tray mounted on a powerful, erm, spinny thing, so that the various bits of matter could be spun off (maybe into a trough running round the edge of the tray). Run at slow speeds whilst the nipper is eating would definately make dinner time more interesting, though more so for you than him/her.
Saveloy, May 16 2002

       UB (and others): I have no children at all. Rather, I am the product of the rearing style I mentioned in my annotation. It's certainly never caused me any harm.

. . . uh, noticeable harm.

. . . um, no significant damage at all really.

. . . er, do farm animals count?
quarterbaker, May 16 2002

       I must say qb, while I don't have a dog now, that was how I was raised too. Napkins? What are those?
barnzenen, May 20 2002

       The dog we had when I was a kid would never eat anything off the floor..   

       she would always catch it before it hit.
yamahito, May 20 2002

       It really wouldn't have bothered this particular mutt. She used to run away to eat silage.
yamahito, May 20 2002

       Yama, it runs off to eat silage? Strange (and indiscriminate) dog. Funnily enough, when [calum] and I were young, we composed a song about silage:   

       Silage is good to eat,
Is good to eat, is good to eat,
Silage is good to eat,
Is good to eat for tea.

       There's not much to do in the Highlands.
salachair, Jul 15 2002

Siward, Aug 20 2003

       By creating an account so you can add a meaningless annotation to a year-old idea?
angel, Aug 20 2003

       "A messy kid is just a dog treat waiting to happen."   

       I think that just about sums up life. Insert nouns of choice...
blissmiss, Mar 18 2007

       Whirled peas... a large whirling, vomit colored, suspiciously lumpy tray, baby sitting behind it, flinging mushy bits of food onto it and watching them splat off onto the walls... *shiver* Sometimes I visualize things too well for my own mental well-being.
Zashera, Mar 19 2007


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