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HB Pun Category

A new category for extra excellence
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Since many ideas on the HB are punny, or closely related to other ideas in title or gist, rather than [MFD]-ing all of them, why not create a category for them. Many of them are quite good, and creating a special category for them would ensure that they wouldn't be going to waste.

HB-category ideas all ready do not show on the "overview" section. Perhaps "HB:Pun" wouldn't show up on the "recent" section either, so as to avoid what could be construed as clutter (by some).

CaptainClapper, Jun 16 2007

In this film, you see, wit is a tool of social competition... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117477/
... and puns are despised, because they focus on words, not speakers, which is a nerdy and un-courter-like thing to do. [pertinax, Jun 18 2007]

(?) Ha! Found it - Credit where credit is due Life-dinghy
(inspiration for Chalet Arking) [normzone, Jun 18 2007]

Or just go here http://www.punsite.com/
"Travelling on a flying carpet is a rugged experience" <shoots self> [wagster, Jun 18 2007]

Punbakery Rename_20_22Halfbak...o_20_22Punbakery_22
Similar observation. [DrBob, Jun 19 2007]


       //why not create a category for them//   

       Because, at it's heart, the HB "is a communal database of poorly thought-out ideas for inventions".   

       Sure, there can be punny names, but it should be about the inventions. You acknowledge this too, with the possibility of keeping the pun section off the recent page. However, I think that puns by themselves can only go so far - the section will become tedious very quickly.
Jinbish, Jun 16 2007

       I guess you're right, but some of the puns are inventions in their own right... perhaps at the discretion of the moderators, the ones that hold water on their own but have their basis in pun could be moved to the HB:Pun category. Those that aren't inventions of their own, or that can be MFD'd for more than one reason (i.e., Pun + Bad science, etc) could still be deleted.
CaptainClapper, Jun 16 2007

       Well there goes Ballet Parking.   

       ...and Iron Money.
xandram, Jun 17 2007

       ... not to mention Valet Barking.
marklar, Jun 17 2007

       [marked-for-deletion] pun, list.
nuclear hobo, Jun 17 2007

       [nuclear hobo], are you seriously claiming this idea should be [mfd]? This idea is neither a pun nor a list. Nor is it calling for a list in the annos. It's an idea for a new HB category.   

       As it happens I don't think it's a good idea (for the reasons [bigsleep] and [Jinbish] give), but it shouldn't be [mfd]ed.
imaginality, Jun 17 2007

       [imaginality], it seems to me that a category for puns is fair game for MFD, especially since 1) ‘pun’ is one of the cited reasons for MFD on the help page and 2) MFD rules are relaxed below Halfbakery (also from the help page).   

       There has been a fair amount of wrangling recently, at a very high level, over both MFDs and puns. I’m not making the argument that any MFD’d ideas (including this one) should be deleted – rather I am making the point that MFDs are used as a particular form of commentary, often to call attention to the rules, sometimes as a guide to reign in a particular idea or thread that is coming unraveled, and sometimes as humor.   

       Supporting this contention, a quick search shows nearly 500 MFD'd ideas going back to 2002 that have not been deleted. And I thank the moderators for that, as the list of MFD’d ideas includes such classics as ‘Two Cups Of Coffee’ and other wondrously halfbaked and well-annotated ideas.   

       The reason I cited ‘list’ was that I couldn’t come up with a clever rhyming pun to follow Ballet Parking or Valet Barking, and believe me I tried. But that of course is punning, which is prohibited, so therefore MFD. If that’s not clear, blame it on the rules, which in my opinion are not only perfect but also perfectly enforced. And the joy we share in this site is proof of that.
nuclear hobo, Jun 18 2007

       Wasn't there a recent idea about using the roofs of houses for emergency flotation in floods? Might have been Chalet Arking.
normzone, Jun 18 2007

       //I’m not making the argument that any MFD’d ideas (including this one) should be deleted – rather I am making the point that MFDs are used as a particular form of commentary//   

       If you want to make commentary about the 'border-line' status of an idea use a contracted version (e.g. MFD, marked for deletion etc). If you use the full MFD tag (i.e. with square brackets and hyphens) you are setting a flag to moderators saying that you think an idea should be deleted.   

       I think jutta recently made a comment that the MFD flag should only be used when there is a very strong basis for it (and should not be used flippantly).
xaviergisz, Jun 18 2007

       <off-topic ramble>   

       I have a theory that there's a deep connection between puns and nerdiness, and that half-bakers mostly like puns because we are mostly nerds.   

       See linked film which is famous for not starring Gerard Depardieu.   

pertinax, Jun 18 2007

       once again wishing I could bun an anno.   

       nice one [norm]
Custardguts, Jun 18 2007

       Thanks, [CG]. Been struggling with that one for a couple of days now (see link)
normzone, Jun 18 2007

       [nuclear] Punning is not prohibited in annos. An idea should not be based on pun, but using the word *pun* does not qualify for an mfd.
xandram, Jun 18 2007

       bone -bad idea.(I agree with [jinbish] There are plenty of sites for posting puns - not what bakery is about. Puns can "get through" if they are appropriate names for otherwise substantial ideas, but to have them as a separate category would imbalance the site, I believe.
xenzag, Jun 18 2007

       I second what [xenzag] said. If it starts as a good idea, and you want to give it a punny title, it's still a good idea. But if it starts with a pun, and you come up with some lame excuse of an idea to post it, it's a pun and deserves deletion.   

       I greatly appreciate humorous wordplay, and the great writing I find here, but I don't want a "pun" category in the Halfbakery.
baconbrain, Jun 18 2007

       I was thinking more along the lines of moving the various "T__ Papers" and other groups of puns - ideas for which there is no doubt that they fall under the [MFD] tag. People who are going to post something they know is a pun on another idea could do so under the HB:Pun category, and save [nuclear hobo] the trouble of MFD'ing it :)
CaptainClapper, Jun 19 2007

       Those that write the openly punning ideas should mark it for deletion themselves in the idea's main body. Much like the [marked - for - expiry] tag.
theleopard, Jun 19 2007

       What Jinbish and bigsleep said. (I've added something to the help page to, hopefully, make things clearer.)   

       And, yes, please don't use marked-for-deletion tags unless you actually would like to see an idea deleted according to the rules for that, as explained on the help page. (And if you're unsure of the interpretation of these rules, maybe it would be a good idea to lay off tagging people's ideas for a while.)
jutta, Jun 20 2007


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