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Cryogenic treatment of semiconductors (and gaming consoles) as a business

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Wikipedia says cryogenic treatment causes "less electrical resistance", "instantaneous"[crystal structure change]. Google scholar has references to undoped, nonelectronic silicon nitride (a semiconductor) changing it's hardness with cryogenic treatment.

Cryogenic treatment may effect semiconductors and optics. Google scholar has zero items on a search of (semiconductor "cryogenic treatment"), so the field is open.

A very simple version of this halfbakery category:business item is: pop other people's CPUs and GPUs and even intact game consoles into your $400 alibaba -86c freezer (-80 is "soft cryogenic treatment") to improve their performance.

A more lucrative version is to screen the 100 most common electronic components with a cryogenic treatment, see which ones improve, and then use a university technology transfer office to develop the idea with patents and royalties. 1% of the semiconductor market is several billion dollars.

Don't feel like the big action? Make money from doing piecework treatment of computer parts or cryogenically treating intact gaming consoles once you verify it works.

Specific products: Do -86 C (“soft cryogenic treatment”) cryogenic treatment of CPU/GPU/SSD and then see if it can overclock to higher speeds (or at SSD have more write cycles) without degraded performance because all the little atoms are now lined up differently from cryogenic treatment Apparently it is completely new electronics/optics (fiber optics) efficiency and moneymaking territory. Silicon nitride is effected, what is the effect on Si, Ge semiconductors? What is the effect of cryogenic treatment on raw wafers and in-process semiconductors?

Ypu can find out, or pay someone on fiverr.com to find out for you, and use a university technology transfer office to get patents for you, and royalties.

A less involved approach is simply to send someone on fiverr a bag of electric components you have already measured, have them put it in their -86 or -170 c lab fridge for 48 hours, unopened, and have them send it back to you. Which of the 100 most common electronic components have improved or simply changed? (change - - >new latitudes in materials science) Submit those to the university’s technology transfer office.

Estimate of $40-60 at Fiverr as the cost, including shipping, to know if cryogenic treatment of a CPU, GPU, SSD, bag of 100 devices (including laser diodes, and magnetics like inductors and Generators), increases CPU/GPU/SSD performance so you can start an instant business freezing stuff for computer enthusiasts and perhaps even do entire cryogenically treated game console for gaming enthusiasts.

So that's two business Ideas. If you are a student you can just ask you biology or physics department for access to their -86, -170 fridges. Physics might let you use their liquid nitrogen (-195), but you can verify benefit on fiverr with other people's refrigerators cheaply.

All of these ideas, including the cryogenic treatment of all semiconductors and optics to improve performance, and increase the materials science latitude of the attributes are public domain.

There's supplemental technical data, just write to me at treonsverdery@gmail.com if you would to read notes on: How to make the most money with cryogenic treatment of semiconductors and optics, and systems that take advantage of and improve on cryogenically treated semiconductors and optics.

Extra halfbakery content: annotators, what's your billion dollar invention? drag it out of memory and write it for fun! Getting grandiose at a PE ration of 20:1, and earning 1% of all semiconductor value, this has a company value of 100 billion.

beanangel, Jan 04 2021

128gig Samsung 850 https://ssd.userben...o-128GB/Rating/3483
[bs0u0155, Jan 04 2021]

Frozen RAM, forensic recovery https://ro.ecu.edu....20data%20recovered.
[bs0u0155, Jan 04 2021]

Immersion cooling fluids https://www.shell.c...cooling-fluids.html
[Voice, Jan 04 2021]


       //pop other people's CPUs and GPUs and even intact game consoles into your $400 alibaba -86c freezer (-80 is "soft cryogenic treatment") to improve their performance.//   

       So if it was cold once it will eject heat more easily? Despite consisting of dozens of carefully arranged alloys, semiconductors, heat pipes, heat spreading layers, magnetic field shapers, and so forth?   

       You may as well say "subject them to powerful electric fields", "bake them at their maximum safe temperature for 30 hours", or "gently sing to them" Only one of these, including the original idea, will leave them unharmed.
Voice, Jan 04 2021

       In summary, think what you're suggesting is: Putting electrical components in a very cold place for a short time may cause large, permanent improvements in their performance. Is that right?
hippo, Jan 04 2021

       Well, probably many humans who visit Antartica return with inproved personalities
pocmloc, Jan 04 2021

       It would be better if some remained there permanently, however.   

       Quite apart from the stresses on components caused by differences in coefficients of thermal expansion, this idea doesn't address the problem of induced crystal phase changes in those components and the eutectic alloys used for soldering...   

       The "business" seems to involve putting customers in a situation where they need to buy a new games console.   

       // you’ve not heard my singing. //   

       Is it worse than your poetry ?
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       // Haven’t tested any electronics against my poetry yet. //   

       Well, at least there is a rigorous methodology available for testing. Are you likely to be in the top three ?   

       You will need to work hard to displace Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings from the top spot. The Azgoths of Kria are formidably capable, and the Vogons have few serious rivals.
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       Is it possible that [beany] is a Vogon ?
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       That's looking increasingly likely ...
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       No, that's just us scratching ... something else. For important stuff like this, we use our Favourite Crayon, Montgomery.   

       You should feel honoured ....
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       //but because I'd had my fill of survival training in the military and didn't feel like another round.//   

       Shirley that means it worked? One thing that being pushed into a hole in the ice and then being shouted at to crawl out of will tend to do, is breed a healthy resistance toward being in icy holes in the first place. By not wanting to do the training, you demonstrated that the training worked, which, bizarrely, disqualified you from the job that required the training. Can we call this catch 22a?
bs0u0155, Jan 04 2021

       Right. There is now a 128gig SATA SSD in my freezer. I ran the benchmarks over at Userbenchmark.com <link> and it sits in the middle of the meat of the distribution, despite being quite old. Let's give it 48Hrs and see what happens. If that doesn't work, I'm willing to move to LN2.
bs0u0155, Jan 04 2021

       // The "business" seems to involve putting customers in a situation where they need to buy a new games console.//   

       I apologize. I had missed the genius of the whole idea. [+]
Voice, Jan 04 2021

       //If that doesn't work, I'm willing to move to LN2.//It's your ilk that make the world a better place, you meritoriously pointed individual.
Voice, Jan 04 2021

       // I had missed the genius //   

       It's easily done ... don't beat yourself up about it - we'll be delighted to do that for you.   

       When, that is, we've finished with [xenzag] ...
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       Ha! I've just learned you can freeze RAM etc. To preserve content for forensic reasons <link>.
bs0u0155, Jan 04 2021

       Many users would actually be quite upset if their RAM freezes ...
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       ...as would sheep farmers
hippo, Jan 04 2021

       //Many users would actually be quite upset if their RAM freezes ...//   

       // ...as would sheep farmers//   

       The bs0-co line of woolen RAM cosy products are positioned well for this new niche market.
bs0u0155, Jan 04 2021

       // positioned well //   

       You mean sort of, er, wrapped round the, er ... parts ?   

       You do know that they stop working if they get too hot ?
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       //stop working if they get too hot ?//   

       It's a fine line between LN2 and little woolen RAM hats.   

       I'm due a new PC soon, knowing the IT dept. they will manage to make it some sort of punishing downgrade. So before I crack and spend perfectly good grant money on IT stuff to compensate, I might use whatever lamentable mini-Dell that arrives as experimental apparatus. I could keep the various components cool by submerging the whole thing in a few gallons of methanol, phase change is the way to go if you want to extract heat. If methanol doesn't work, I can keep going.
bs0u0155, Jan 04 2021

       Methanol may degrade some components over time. There are some good LMW silicone oils with appropriate electrical properties, and reasonable specific heats, although some forced circulation might be needed for cooling.   

       The ideal liquid would probably be some PCBs, which can be extracted from vintage electrolytic capacitors, although there are some whiny ecofascists who bang on that chlorinated aryl compounds are in some way bad ...
8th of 7, Jan 04 2021

       //LMW silicone oils with appropriate electrical properties, and reasonable specific heats, although some forced circulation might be needed for cooling.//   

       Back in my youth, I built a glass case for an old computer (Athlon 1100 no less) and filled that case with some flavor of Shell transformer oil that was hanging around in a neighbor's garage. It needs nothing more than the gentle convection and leaving the heatsinks on to stay silently cool. My plan was to find some form of thermochromic hydrophobic dye to visualize the hotspots like a lava lamp. I didn't get there. Where I got, was realizing that oil likes to creep up PVC cables, attract dust and smell a bit. Overall, air cooling won that challenge.
bs0u0155, Jan 04 2021

       [bs0u0155] It is wonderful you are testing it.   

       The simplest millionaire product test that comes to mind is either a laser diode or a white light LED bulb.   

       The idea with the white LEDs is kind of interesting, an engineer might make a "period table" looking array of identical white light bulb LEDS of say 40 temperature steps (-195(LN), -155, -115...0) and 11 duration steps (24, 22, 20...) hours. Then glance at them as ana array and find any that looked particularly appealing.   

       I think there's money in Kerning color temperature, and of course an engineer would try running them overvolateg or overcurrent to see if the cryogenically treated LEDs lasted longer   

       OLED or QLED custom formulated for cryogenic treatment could effect every modern monitor/media display produced if the color values can be Kerned to something companies and people like better. And, if the OLEDs and QLEDs last longer then that's a benefit as well.   

       [bs0u0155] is well on the way to getting a 1% royalty on all light bulbs and TVs manufactured with his active actual research!
beanangel, Jan 05 2021


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