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Consumerist villa holiday

Like a regular holiday except you pick clothes, appliances
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Imagine a catalogue of branded clothes, accessories, furniture, appliances that you can pick to rent for the extent of the holiday.

So you can pick an exclusive handbag for the duration of the holiday.

Your villa is equipped with the furniture and appliances that you picked.

chronological, May 25 2020


       // the author has seen something in one place and wants it to be available to everybody, or at least to them, or free, or cheap, without knowing how to make it free or cheap   

       I don't follow how it's "exclusive" if it's "for rent", and WIBNI as usual, though I like the concept of living an entirely different life with all its accoutrements for the duration of the break. Some monasteries do silent retreats like this except with plain robes instead of designer handbags. Camping in the woods is another way to leave it all behind. Or one of those "boot camp" all inclusive fitness programs that make you wear a uniform. I'd like to take a holiday somewhere rainy and sit in a room and drink tea with a copy of the complete works of Arthur Dent (the 16th-century Puritan author) and the rain sounds and no internet. I'm fairly sure I could afford the pajama rental.
sninctown, May 25 2020

       [chron] didn't say it would be free or cheap, [sninctown], so no MFD applies on the grounds you quote.   

       It seems like a perfectly valid half-baked idea to me; a holiday, inclusive of temporary use and enjoyment of branded goods of your choice. The deposit would be a bit steep, and the room rates would have to be hiked to cover the regular visits by removal men (to change the furniture), and there's no way I'd spend *my* money on this, but I expect there'd be a market for it at some price point.   

       The tricky part would be to set it up in such a way as to ensure that the punters would be *seen* surrounded by the branded items without making it obvious that the whole display was just a temporary pretence. That would imply a "pop-up" aspect to the business, which would not permanently own any villas or chalets, but would have to rent them discretely from a hotel here, a luxury resort there, before subletting them onward with a markup for the associated branding services.
pertinax, May 25 2020


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