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Ctrl+F for images

Like Google image search... but for images on your PC
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I use a lot of images, many are similar but not the same. Often I'll have a cropped .jpg of a full-sized .tiff and I want to find the original. So, I should be able to drag it into the search bar or hit Ctrl+F and boom!!! all the images with similar pixel distributions come up. Then I'll be "aaaah, I was calling it "ER-SURFACE" back then... stupid 2011 me..."

Get on it people!

bs0u0155, Dec 17 2013

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder http://www.duplicat...nder.com/photo.html
"Awesome" is their product name - not necessarily my description. [AusCan531, Dec 18 2013]

TinEye MatchEngine http://services.tineye.com/MatchEngine
Finds duplicate, modified and even derivative images in your image collection. [tatterdemalion, Dec 18 2013]

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       I downloaded and use a free program called "Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder" [Link] and it works pretty well. You can search for photos which are only 100% matches or set the percentage to where you like in order to find photos you might have only touched up a bit.
AusCan531, Dec 18 2013

       Can it have a short-cut to scratch incriminating photos as well, please?
not_morrison_rm, Dec 18 2013

       Yes. Windows searching is incredibly annoying. It should have a nice big advanced interface where I can find files with ease. I'm utterly bemused at how Google can serve pages from the internet faster than I can get a .tiff from a local hard drive.
bs0u0155, Dec 18 2013


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