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A desk with pedals.
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Pedals are attached to the underside of a desk such that the user can rest feet comfortably on pedals and, when desired, use them to turn a fly wheel, thereby raising heart rate, circulation, etc.

Motivation: frequently one's heart rate falls low enough while working that caffeine is rendered largely ineffectual due presumably to lack of sufficient circulation through the body.

Similar experiences on long road trips are a more vexing problem.

roselma, Jul 05 2001


       I feel the pedals ought to DO something...
Jim, Jul 06 2001

       They should be attached to a generator that powers your PC.
EvoketheTiger, Jul 06 2001

       surely they should be used to power your own air conditioning? Or (in winter) they could power the kettle, which would produce steam to power the coffee grinder...
lewisgirl, Jul 06 2001

       [lewisgirl] that sounds more like a Rubecycle... (as in Goldberg)
globaltourniquet, Jul 06 2001

       [roselma], is the name of this thing a pun on 'cubicle', to be pronounced a little like 'popsickle'? If so, that wasn't clear from the start. I came to this thinking it was going to be a bicycle with cubic wheels - probably an interesting ride, but a huge step backwards in transport engineering. Did you hear about the two nuns cycling* on their cubecycles? Said one to the other: "I've never come this way before!"

*original version "cycling down a cobbled street".
lewisgirl, Jul 06 2001

       lewisgirl, pun optional; i had no punny intentions but i do not forsee difficulty created by saying "cube siccle" vs. "cube cycle."   

       use of power generated: i feel that the power generated should be used to power a buzzer, flashing light or horn--anything to keep one awake; the second or third generation product should use the power generated to extract stimulants from any available sources and use trans-dermal technology to supply it to you through the soles of your feet.
roselma, Jul 06 2001

       Mayhaps have the desk (and cubicle) raised onto a bicycle, so everyone could pedal around the office and bump into each other. Well, I think it would be fun. You may want to go with a quadrocycle for stability, though.
nick_n_uit, Jul 06 2001

       [roselma] A strobe or sounder might be a bit of a distraction to workmates opting for power naps. A good random current pulse might be the way to go here.
The Military, Jul 07 2001

       How would you keep you thighs from bumping the seat of the chair?
futurebird, Jul 07 2001

       [futurebird], thigh-thumping actually helps get rid of cellulite. As does waddling along the floor on your bottom, but that tends to make your skirt ride up.
lewisgirl, Jul 08 2001

       I imagine it also looks fairly silly.
angel, Jul 08 2001

       [lewisgirl] Waddle backwards.
Jim, Jul 09 2001

       baked. In the Delta SkyMall catalog, they have a footrest with pedals on it to increase circulation while working at a desk. It's not linked to anything, but it does cover the original idea.
MuddDog, Jul 09 2001

       How about taking a walk?
picassosinatra, Jul 10 2001

       Thanks [Jim], that worked! Don't know why I didn't think of it before. [picassosinatra], some of us have work to do. And in places where it's not nice to go for a walk.
How about the pedals to be running an old-style sewing machine?
lewisgirl, Jul 10 2001

       imagine the power of a large office building of cuberats harnessed to this device. it is staggering i bet you could sell the power back to the grid. i belive this idea should be reomoved from the net before evil corporations decide to act upon it.
makelovenotwar69, Jul 11 2001

       Also, if you hung your 'sport bottle' upside-down near your desk, and dropped by the shredder for some paper mulch to cover your cubicle floor, you could really amuse your coworkers.   

       Then you could eat them.
hello_c, Jul 12 2001


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