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Folding Bike-Stilts

Automatic foot extender.
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Stop the ride! I want to get off. Oh! I can.

On the sides of the feet alongside your shoes two antenna rods are strapped to your outer leg near your ankle. When you wish to stop you don't have to extend your foot but rather just take your foot off the pedal and the extender shoots out to become stilts so you can comfortably stand till the light changes. It's also easier to get on and off the bike.

It also helps prevent falls by stopping the bicycle's toppling over before its too late.

After take-off, while you are riding, they fold in.

pashute, Aug 20 2023

Like these guys but folding up while riding https://www.nzrprod...m/video/stiltbikes/
and when you get off the bike. [pashute, Aug 20 2023]

https://www.popular...ng-bicycle-support/ [a1, Jun 15 2024]


       Presumably when you step on the pedal again there is a pressure lever mechanism that retracts the stilt assemblage?
pocmloc, Aug 21 2023


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