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Fold flat cycle machine
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One of the main reasons that I've noticed that I don't use my home gym equipment more is that I don't want to move away from my chair in front of the tv. I propose a cycle machine that sits on the floor with a rising arm supporting the pedal system. The whole system will easily fold flat to under 1 inch thick so that it can slide underneath my chair in the lounge when not needed. The cycle would not need a saddle as one could remain in their easy chair. Thus one can exercise without moving from the tv and the aesthetics of the room are not jeopardised.
alistairwest, Dec 22 2005

Sketch http://alistairwest.com/flatcycle.jpg
Sorry it's a bit naff! [alistairwest, Dec 22 2005]


       A cycle that powers the tv would be best.
ldischler, Dec 22 2005

       I'm working on some sketches now, as for the sweat, it's a fair point but I imagined it would be a way of introducing light exercise rather than replacing a full-on workout. I thought about the tv powering option but thought it might just add extra complexity and put people off. Neat idea though, thanks.
alistairwest, Dec 22 2005

       What provides resistance? You might as well turn the TV upside down and do "bicycles" in the air, no machinery required.
DrCurry, Dec 22 2005

       Yeah, and on screen, this webpage is just pixels. I eagerly await your lovely rendered interpretation for me. Nice Christmas spirit Ra, it's appreciated!
alistairwest, Dec 23 2005

       Might not be great for the legs but turning our tv over is a pretty tiring exercise, maybe you're right DrCurry! I imagined the resistance would come from either a compact belt unit or just an adjustable clamp on the pedal attachment.
alistairwest, Dec 23 2005

       couch potatoes need some exercise. :)
po, Dec 23 2005


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