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Cuckoo Function on Mobiles/Pagers

A Physical reminder that your Mobile needs switching to silent.
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How about having a Cuckoo clock feature on all mobiles and pagers that is not on the menus and only cuts in when you leave your phone on in places where you shouldn't, (Theatres, Lectures, Libraries etc). These places could be fitted with a remote trigger device to ensure that the function kicks in. Just think, no more embarrassment while desperately trying to stop the damned thing from playing Yankee Doodle Dandy at full volume. You won't forget it a second time; not after the little Cuckoo has shot out and headbutted you in the nads or a similar delicate region. No pain, no gain!
Ivy, May 08 2001


       'Honey, If you want to have kids, quit calling me so much!!"
salmon, May 08 2001

       yes, I think we need a virtual cuckoo clock app for the iPhone. every hour on the hour.. "Cuckoo!"   

       for 'special' hours... maybe a randomizer that will play short MP3 files after the initial cuckoo...   

       Kind of like the intracate cuckoo clocks that have little dancing figures that come out rarely and gie you a special show.
sirching, Jun 11 2009


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