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Pick Me Up

mobile phone which answers on being picked up
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It struck me that we've lost a little of the simplicity in our switch from land line to cellular phones. I propose a new (optional) feature - a built in accelerator detects when you pick up your mobile 'phone, so now if it's ringing, all you need to do to answer it is pick it up, just like a normal 'phone.
neilp, Jan 14 2007


       Will it answer automatically if you're jogging?
angel, Jan 14 2007

       Pure, simple genius. A light-sensor (probably already in existence in most camera-phones) could easily be used to register in-pocket/on-table orientation. I suppose the only downside would be for those who like to check who's ringing before they answer. It would still be a great option.
zen_tom, Jan 14 2007

       Instead of a light sensor, the phone would pick up when your voice (programmed into the phone) says Hello. It would then buffer your greeting and save into memory, auto answer, feed the call your pre-recored Hello and you're off from there.
boogalooShrimp, Jan 14 2007

       [boogaloo]'s got it !
phundug, Jan 15 2007

       And what if I just wanted to pick up my phone to see who called and not pick up... sorry...
flynn, Jan 15 2007


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