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Motion-Based Personal Sound Effects

Inspired by a G1 application
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I was browsing the Android Market (similar to iPhone's App Store) today and saw a fun application available for free download and had to try it. I downloaded it about 5 minutes ago and already have big plans for it. It's a Mario Simulator! What it does is use the phone's motion sensors to detect when you jump, and when you jump it makes the Classic Mario jump sound effect! If you tap the touchscreen in mid-jump, it makes the coin sound effect and tallies the coins you collect. If you tap the screen while walking or standing still, it makes the fireball sound effect, like you're shooting Mario fireballs! You also have the option of playing the Mario theme song constantly in the background, or you can disable the theme song and have just the sound effects. Freakin' Sweet! Imagine the fun you could have with this thing!

Anyway, my idea is to take the Mario Simulator concept and develop it further. What we at 21-st Century Quest Engineering would like to offer you is an application that has a huge selection of sound effects, such as squealing car brakes, cats yowling, dog barks, bells, squeaks, thumps, hoots, bangs, clashes, thunder, etc... from which you can pick and choose and assign different sound effects to different motion triggers, such as accelerating, decelerating, stopping, starting, jumping, screen taps, etc...

With this application you could simply stick your phone in your pocket or clip it to your belt (or whatever you like to clip such things to) and go about your daily routine with a theme song and sound effects, or make up games to play with your friends. This would take freeze tag and dodgeball to a whole new level. Yay!

Note: if you don't have a PDA or smartphone to download this to, or if your device doesn't have motion sensors or accelerometers, don't worry! For a very reasonable price, we'll throw in a cellphone-size device with the application pre-installed. It's Bluetooth-capable, so for future updates you can download them to your non-compatible phone and transfer the updates to the device via Bluetooth, and it's rechargeable so it doesn't drain your cellphone's battery.

Ships UPS, usually arrives in 3-5 business days. Brought to you exclusively from 21-st Century Quest Engineering. We know you're awesome. Now let's show the world!

21 Quest, Apr 30 2009

Sound_20effects_20as_20performance_20art http://www.halfbake...20performance_20art
Shameless 'elf-promotion. [phoenix, May 01 2009]


       I don't know... that linked idea doesn't sound nearly as convenient as a belt clip device, but it does give some more possibilities. I'll leave this one up to Jutta, because I admit they are very similar, but use different technology.
21 Quest, May 01 2009

       And I thought your ringtone was annoying. [+]
Noexit, May 01 2009

       Oh, don't worry, it's still annoying. This just makes it vastly more so.
21 Quest, May 01 2009

       dang: I was just gonna post this.
FlyingToaster, Nov 09 2011


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