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Mobile phone pain level

Ooooh did I drop you? Did it hurt?
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This is a software which can be installed on smartphones with a motion sensor. If you drop the smartphone the software reads the acceleration on impact. The user can then access the app to read statistics like G force values, a graph showing cumulative statistics from all the registered impacts, informative tables like the possible consequences of the impacts on both phones and humans. For instance, values over X G can result in circuit disruption or something like that. For a person it could be broken limbs or concussion. This can also be used to measure the impact of falls taken by the person carrying the phone, on car accidents and so on. A bit like a blackbox which could be used as an additional source of information to investigate car , train, plane or whatever crashes. Another use could also be to add to sports tracking apps as an extra layer of information on workout routes.
PauloSargaco, Aug 02 2012


       [+] but just to make sure, the cellphone says "ow" when you drop it, right ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 02 2012

       Absolutely! Actually, according to the impact, the phone says different things:   

       - "Ouch"   

       - "Oh, that really hurt"   

       - "Call the paramedics"   

       - "Help! They're trying to kill me!!!"   

       - (silence) - when the phone falls and it doesn't say anything, then you know it was a fast death and the poor thing didn't suffer.
PauloSargaco, Aug 03 2012


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