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Cud Stopper

Eliminates walkman™ embarassment.
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A small directed motion sensor worn in a pendant. The sensor is pointed at the jaw line of the wearer. The pendant is styled in beautiful, durable Diamonique™ and is connected to the wearer’s personal stereo by a discrete wire. When the stereo is on, the sensor scans the jaw line for movement. If the jaw moves independently of the head, the pendant sends a signal to the personal stereo and cuts the music. The user can set the length of time the music is stopped using the Diamonique™ dial in the middle of the pendant.

Advantage #1: No more singing along in public.
Advantage #2: No more mouthing along in public.
Advantage #3: No need to fiddle about with buttons when you want to engage in conversation, the pendant simply stops the music when you open your mouth.
Advantage #4: It is now impossible to walkman and chew gum at the same time.
Advantage #5: Recidivist sing-a-longers will eventually develop the important life skill that is ventriloquism.

Not suitable for cows.

calum, Aug 13 2002


       Downside #1: shouting loudly because you think everybody hears the music like you do, but then feeling doubly stupid in front of yourself because the music has just shut off.   

       Advantage #6: Extra geek points.
polartomato, Aug 13 2002

       <irritating use of symbols>   

       This™ idea™ property™ of™ the™ halfbakery™. All™ ideas™ posted™ are™ the™ property™ of™ Jutta™, who™ owns™ and™ operates™ the™ halfbakery™.   

       </irritating use of symbols>
BinaryCookies, Aug 13 2002

       Did you have a robot insert those for you?
Mr Burns, Aug 13 2002


phoenix, Aug 13 2002


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