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Dino-snore of Darkness

snoring amplification system
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Most devices are aimed at preventing or stifling snoring, but not the Dino-snore system which uses it to great advantage. Picture the scene - you're camping out in a wooded area frequented by dangerous beasts, but you have no fear of nocturnal attack, because you are a persistent snorer. When you settle down for your night's sleep you wrap the comfortable Dino-snore microphone pick-up around your throat area and put in your ear plugs. As you begin to snore and splutter in your sleep, the signal is picked up and transmitted to an amplifier/speaker system that blares it into the surroundings, striking blind terror and fear in all those who hear the dreaded sawing sound echoing into the night. You have become the Dino-snore of Darkness that none shall go near.
xenzag, Oct 28 2005


       I don't need this, according to my wife at least.
DrCurry, Oct 28 2005

       absolutely hillarious [+] ... but practically not good at all
ixnaum, Oct 29 2005

       ...loud enough to make the earth tremble...
po, Oct 29 2005

       I know just the person,he always wanted to screech like a Tyrannosaurus....
100 percent, Oct 30 2005


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