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Cult of the Hamburger

Where we strive everyday to make a better burger, for the will of the Gods and the savory, meaty, juicy goodness of all mankind.
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Oh great and powerful God of the Bun, grant me your toasting power and your nutty sesime! Bob, heavenly prince of the tomato, give my your sweet-tart red and juicy goodness! Jane, matron of lettus, May the lettus I find be green and crunchy with not a single flaw or bugbite!

This religion would center around creation of perfection in the form of the Cheeseburger of Paradise.

Voice, Apr 06 2008

Eat those burgers http://learn.geneti...du/features/prions/
"Prions cannot be destroyed by boiling, alcohol, acid, standard autoclaving methods, or radiation. In fact, infected brains that have been sitting in formaldehyde for decades can still transmit spongiform disease. Cooking your burger 'til it's well done won't destroy the prions!" [Klaatu, Apr 07 2008]


       do not be tempted into the ways of the fallen Onion.
po, Apr 06 2008

       Saints could be organised along lines of how many stars they have.   

       <intoned in Gregorian plainsong>
"And lo, the angel Gavin (who had two stars) appeared unto them and did offer them fries with that.
And verily, did he ask, whether they would like to go supersize for an extra 50p.
And they said yes. And it was good, for Gavin had completed his customer service training course."
zen_tom, Apr 06 2008

       <Darth Vader>   

       "I find your lack of cheese ... disturbing"   

       </Darth Vader>
8th of 7, Apr 06 2008

       Maybe the lettus (sic) could be in the form of a condiment (rather like ketchup, but green) and dispensed from an aerosol can. Lettus spray.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2008

       Ohhh, Maxwell. You must have sold your gherkin to the devil to have come up with that one!
zen_tom, Apr 06 2008

       and of course there is the Cheesus burger
xenzag, Apr 06 2008

       Alfalfa, who art unleavened...
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2008

       ... wholewheat be thy grain .....
8th of 7, Apr 06 2008

       ... thyme kinda on ham,...   

       ... dill with the bun...   

       ...ON! Heat! - as it is in oven!
rotary, Apr 07 2008

       ...but if there was a bugbite it could be from lettuce prey...
xandram, Apr 07 2008

       Yahweh Right Away
nomocrow, Apr 07 2008

       Is this an offshoot of Pastafarianism?
Noexit, Apr 08 2008

       Cult secret revealed:   

       UFO are ingeniously shaped as hamburgers.   

       Aliens have green tomatoes as heads,   

       hams as eyes,   

       sesame seeds as nostrils.   

       Yet no one suspect they landed on farmer's fields harvesting lettuces.   

       Anyways, burger chain rings get more profits in high places where Americans are obese, in dedication to the //great and powerful God of the Bun//...   

       ...Oh, I'm lost here, where's Roswell?...
rotary, Apr 13 2008


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