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Culture Art

The beauty found in a petri dish is like no other.
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These statuesque petri-collectables serve as mini monuments to ailments. They are available in any 3D shape and may be ordered custom. Each comes with a matching cover or two-part enclosure and a handsome 22k gold-plated plaque for commemorative engraving. Clear drying liquid fill and instructions are included for preserving nature's remarkable beauty at peak blossom.

My favorite is “Mother Pushing Baby in Supermarket” which I decorated with swabs taken from shopping carriage handles. The kids love “Head Cold” which is a bust to cough and sneeze on. They say I should call it Petri-Head because it's like a Chia-Head, but with totally rad colors.

Shz, Oct 20 2005


       of course its hard to overstate the impact of "In Vitro", which makes a powerful splash about Man's desire to procreate
theircompetitor, Oct 20 2005


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