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Electric cornstarch

Vibrating cornstarch art
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Look up "Fingers and Holes in a Shaken Cornstarch Solution" on Google. The lab video is fascinating. I would like to see this demo set up as a large scale art piece in a public location. The device could be shaped like a "bird bath" and could be surrounded with colored light enhanced water fountains dancing in synch to orchestrated frequency changes induced in the mixture. UV lamps could highlight fluorescent materials added to the cornstarch recipe. The eerie fingers and holes could be dramatized even further with strobe effects.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco would be a great place for such a display.

Sunstone, Nov 19 2005

Cornstarch fingers in action http://www.youtube....ch=amazing%20liquid
[Sunstone, Nov 19 2005]

Ferrofluid Sculptures by Sachiko Kodama http://www.99expres...ages/fluid_demo.jpg
I just came upon this site with a similar motif. Thanks madville.com [Sunstone, Jan 21 2006]

Cornstarch music http://www.youtube....watch?v=1A1hfdI28vY
Cornstarch poured in a speaker... analogous to Chladni patterns [Sunstone, Feb 04 2007]



       Nice vid!   

       [Sunstone] Neat idea - Ferrofluid+Cornstarch and an electro-magnet - :) Just imagine the fun you can have with that stuff
Dub, Jan 22 2006


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