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Do not push this button

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An art exhibit consisting of a warning sign, a large red button, an an unpleasant consequence that happens to the presser such as an electric shock, a painfully loud noise, or the sound of a screeching baby.
Voice, Oct 12 2010

(?) I would say essentially baked. http://www.independ...outrage-724729.html
[daseva, Oct 12 2010]

do not click this link! http://www.i-am-bor...nk.cfm?link_id=9644
[jutta, Oct 13 2010]

TV tropes.com: Schmuck Bait http://tvtropes.org...hp/Main/SchmuckBait
[jutta, Oct 13 2010]

XKCD #242 http://xkcd.com/242/
I think this is what baconbrain remembered. Slightly different in that the button isn't labelled at the outset. [jutta, Oct 13 2010]


       The meds, [voice], the meds...
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 12 2010

       I've been subject to the little 'don't forget to take your meds' comment many a time. It's unoriginal but the statement is trying to prove a point, nonetheless. I propose an acronym: DFTTYM.
daseva, Oct 12 2010

       hello child, would you like a sweet? would you just press that button...
po, Oct 12 2010

       Sort-of baked.   

       Somewhere, there was an art installation which consisted of a door with a big sign saying "Choose Art" and an arrow pointing to the door.   

       When the visitor to the gallery went through the door, nothing happened until they let the door close behind them. Then a light came on. They found themselves in a short, black-painted corridor with another door at the end, and another sign saying "Choose Art" with an arrow pointing to the door.   

       When they went through the second door, they found themselves in the street outside the gallery, and unable to get back in.
8th of 7, Oct 12 2010

       //I propose an acronym: DFTTYM.//   

       I propose another, useful for getting yourself out of almost anything: IFTTMM*.   


       *obvious, I hope, but "I forgot...."
Boomershine, Oct 13 2010

       There was an xkcd comic about peoples's reactions to something like this idea, but I couldn't locate it.   

       [Later] Yes, I did, finally--I got distracted by xkcd--but [jutta] got it first. Thank you.   

       It has the alt-text "How could you choose avoiding a little pain over understanding a magic lightning machine?"   

       [jutta]'s other link, to TV Tropes, has this under Real Life: "The Science Museum in London currently (since 2007) has an exhibit called "DO NOT TOUCH". A large pole with a barred-off bare metal waist is surrounded by brain-searing yellow warning signs, proximity-sensor klaxons, and screens telling patrons that the pole will give them an electric shock. You can't not touch it. Yes, you do get an electric shock."
baconbrain, Oct 13 2010

       This would make a fun scam, like the 3-card-Monte setups. The onlookers would watch as random people press the button and repeatedly get candy and money popping out. But it turns out that they work for the art gallery. Anyone else who pushes the button gets an electric shock. It's controlled through video cameras or something.
phundug, Oct 30 2011

FlyingToaster, Oct 31 2011

       Arthur: "I wonder what happens if I press this button..."
Ford: "Don't!"
(Arthur presses the button - it makes a "Ping!" noise)
Ford: "What happened?"
Arthur: "A sign lit up, saying 'Do not push thus button again'"
hippo, Oct 31 2011

       I read an anecdote about an Italian restaurant with a statue of David near the women's washroom. Covering his genitals was a metal fig leaf attached to an obvious hinge mechanism. Whenever a passing woman lifted the fig leaf for a surreptitious peek it would set off a buzzer and flashing light to alert the entire room.
AusCan531, Oct 31 2011

       [+] like
xandram, Oct 31 2011

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xandram, Oct 31 2011

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xandram, Oct 31 2011

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xandram, Oct 31 2011


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