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fancy dress as well as tax
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When people reach a certain tax point, e.g 50k, as well as paying their relevant tax rate they also have to wear one of those ostrich costumes with the fake legs and reins. 'Oh no!' you say, 'Weedy's lost it'. But, think for a moment. Everyone has a sense of fun, although some serious businessmen repress it. It serves as a disincentive for the really moody, bad people to aspire and those who do wish to rise to a higher financial level will not only be paying more in social security contributions, they will also bring fun to the less well off people and maybe have some fun themselves. In doing so they will be demonstrating a certain humility and 'fun-loving' attitude. Bringing the humanity back into ruthless capitalism. Of course it could become a status symbol - "My ostrich is bigger than yours", etc. Perhaps for those in the supertax bracket there could be a stipulation of pantomime horse or monkey costume. Surgeons and aircraft pilots etc. would be exempt I guess. I fear I haven't really expressed the glorious nugget of this idea. Perhaps someone elsed would like to really nail it? This is possibly a rubbish posting so feel free to delete.
weedy, Nov 07 2004


       Do you have a vested interest in ostrich costumes?
Thod, Nov 07 2004

       [weedy], I think these sort of ideas work best when succinct. Doesn't matter how you put it, if someone doesn't like it straight off, they never will. I do.
wagster, Nov 07 2004

       needs a better title!
po, Nov 07 2004

       Not merely rich, ost rich.   

       nice one, [2 fry]. Is this an ad absurdum argument against high taxes for the wealthy? Seeems like it could be, but I suspect it is not.
bungston, Nov 08 2004

       Wait, so you wear the costume as a punishment? Doesn' matter, ostrich costumes are good anyway. I would give you a croissant, but it's dressed in an ostrich costume.
bookends, Jun 17 2005

       Weedy's lost it.
daseva, Jun 17 2005

CombatChuck, Jun 17 2005


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