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Cure child molesters with ballpoint ink or pencil shavings

child molesters have 95 pt reduction of activity when given depo provera or cyproterone acetate; we put something like ethinyl estradiol at ballpoint ink or soaked at pencil wood to give people worldwide a widely available cheap treatment they can dose a molester with
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apparently US figures suggest a person per five was molested as a child; that translates to about a person out of every 15 with a Y chromosome may be a child molester

Fortunately chemical castration is published as precluding 19 of 20 incidents; depo provera is one of these drugs; unfortunately it is an IV drug rather than a pill

I think that the ethinyl estradiol molecule which is active at micrograms to the milligram range could be added to ballpoint ink or soaked at pencils to give abused kids as well as their parents a drug they can feed to the harmful person anytime to cease the harm.

Wikipedia notes: from as high as 100 ug to as low as 20 ug Thats a tenth of a milligram A 7 c ballpoint pen could easily have sufficient estrogenic activity to function like a 3 month dose of depo provera or cyproterone acetate which cure 19 of 20 molestations.

Now to make this have longer residence time at the circulation I would modify the drug to have an Si or Ge atom as part of the carbon structure; this would make many of the dehydrogenase enzymes less efficient at wrapping around the molecule thus the drug might last months.

Now when you think about it, if the numbers I described are accurate then there were more than a Billion children molested during the 20th century with the number of molesters being larger than the US population. Cops or military are useless against such numbers but being able to simply dose an abuser with a pacification drug is effective particularly as the urge to dose the abuser must be related to the felt harm.

Now a billion pencils is near 70 million dollars; however you can saturate the planet with partially cheap pencils at just 10 or 20 million dollars to reach a billion persons with the antidode to child molestation

Id like to point out that WWII really messed with a few hundred million lives; if WWII size anguish could have been completely averted with 20 million US$ worth of drugged pencils then The drugged pencils would have been the thing to proceed with

if the numbers are accurate there were two or three times as many molested persons as there were anguished persons from WWII Thus simply drugging ink as well as pencil is the way to go

beanangel, Mar 15 2010

CHILDREN CAUTION: http://www.tvgasm.c...ptochloris_zyli.jpg
THIS IS NOT A MOLESTER [rcarty, Mar 17 2010]


       Why not just make an auto-injector?   

       Of course, with the delayed effect from using an Intra-Muscular route, the offender could probably finish offending before rendered inoffensive.
MikeD, Mar 16 2010

       are there any side effects to wrongful dosing?   

       I mean... the soultion we chose for WWII involved a whole lot of guns and tanks, but I'm not sure that just selling them to whoever wanted one would get the same results.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 17 2010

       Are molesters likely to eat nonfood items like pen ink on a regular basis? The depo effect is lost if you just eat the provera. Then you need to eat it every day. Depo refers to method of delivery, which is as a big IM shot.   

       I think surreptitious drugging to address behavior issues is probably not something that will be routinely effective.   

       Plus if you can get the abused kids doing some interaction with a third party (here a vendor of drugged ink and pencils) which they hope will end the abuse, why not take advantage of that interaction to identify the abuser and jail him or her?
bungston, Mar 17 2010

       This is so fundamentally wrong on so many levels, that for once, the internet catch-all critique applies.   

       Retarded [-]
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 17 2010

       Can we change this term 'molester' to 'monster' because this term molester conjures up images of a small cuddly creature.
rcarty, Mar 17 2010

       [Bunsen] Did you know they are trying to ban that *R*-word in Massachusetts?
xandram, Mar 17 2010

       //they are trying to ban that *R*-word in Massachusetts//
Which one: Readin', 'Ritin', or 'Rithmetic ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 17 2010

       you best be trolling
Voice, Apr 18 2010

       Jeez, I could tell by the nine-word title this was [beanangel].   

       Dude, do you really believe that one in fifteen males is a child molester? Also, 19 of 20 incidents precluded? How did they measure that? How are they supposed to be dosed with these drug-laced pencils/pens? Stabbed? Are they to be fed a pencil or pen? Made to chew on it for a while?   

       I don't know why I'm even reading your ideas any more.   

       I think this post is a poignant example of lies, damn lies, and statistics.
CaptainClapper, Apr 18 2010

       This human may know its inorganic chemistry but can't write coherently, & I suspect it has issues to be resolved
H K Boris, Jan 01 2011

       There are many, many problems with this, but the one which bugs me most is that it is illogical even if you buy it's premise that we should dose the whole population to deal with child molestation; why not just add it to the water?
Germanicus, Jan 01 2011

       Beanangel, you are my new favorite insane-as-frack author. I look forward to stumbling through your Time-Cube like ethically-dubious possibly-insane body of work for years to come.   

       Seriously. Nice job.
Hive_Mind, Feb 02 2011

       //Dude, do you really believe that one in fifteen males is a child molester?//   

       Heard some stuff on the radio (so it must be true)..seems like there is a humungous figure, but mostly made up of underage males having sex with their underage partners. So, the actual number of real-live adult males doing this is debatable. There was even the case of someone being charged with child pornography, because she took her own dubious photo. She is a minor it's a crime, so she has to be charged with it.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 02 2011

       What with all the terrorists and paedophiles, I have to wonder if there are any normal people out there at all. You're all monsters and if you think that I'm ever going to leave the house just so that I can be inappropriately touched and then blown to smithereens* by you lot then you've got another think coming!

* which is also inappropriate but doesn't involve touching.
DrBob, Feb 02 2011

       Has [beanangel] been active at all recently? Also, kudos [Hive_Mind] for your Time Cube reference. I have his lectures of DVD, and they're absolutely mindnumbing.
DrWorm, Feb 02 2011

       Beanie, come back!
Grogster, Feb 03 2011


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