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child abuse monitoring bracelet

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This contains an accelerometer, a microphone, and if possible a camera and biometric sensors. It will take sensor readings and regularly upload it to the child protection agency's server.

If any significant activity detected as potential child abuse is detected, then the data is flagged for review.

This is placed temporarily on families suspected of child abuse, and also temporarily to child returning to their family after being in protective detention.


If needed, the house can be outfitted with temporary surveillance camera on various rooms or even the parents themselves.

mofosyne, Jun 22 2014

1984 http://www.planetebook.com/1984.asp
[Voice, Jun 23 2014]


       "What child ? What bracelet ? They are both missing ? Gee I don't know what to say Officer."   

       Seems to me such a bracelet is as likely to get a kid killed as to save them.   

       You would not put bracelets on the foxes or the hens, but keep the foxes out of the hen house. By the time you see something, something has happened.
popbottle, Jun 23 2014

       Do you remember what it is like to be a child? No accelerometer would survive the experience.
normzone, Jun 23 2014

       Child abuse is a terrible crime but so are many others. Let's extend your system. People suspected of having murderous tenancies should also be monitored via in-house camera. And let's finally put the boot down on burglaries: we'll wire up every city block and catch 'em in the act!

Since we're installing cameras we should create a national database to make the best use of them. We already have systems to track license plates but let's record faces as well. Instant 70% drop in the crime rate if we do it right!

We need tracking on anyone with a record of criminal history, obviously so anyone who has been convicted of a crime. And a better system for deciding who to suspect and monitor. Let's expand the national hotlines for reporting suspicious activity and start actually taking them seriously! A cop on every block!

If we all pull together we can make amazing things happen. This scourge will be stopped!
Voice, Jun 23 2014

       Let's require everyone to do as much scientific research as humanly possible, just for a few decades, until all imaginable problems are solved. Anything short of that is murder by inaction.
sninctown, Jun 24 2014

       What will the Politicians and corrupt Police officers have to wear? (besides women's panties)
xandram, Jun 24 2014


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