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Scrotum Shape Charge

For those serious offenders of which we should be aware
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Image you were a sex offender. You had this device implanted into your scrotum. This said device would also be GPS tracked. You would be tracked. If you come within 100 yards of a public school / youth center / etc., you would get an electric warning, that would direct you out of the area. If you do not leave within, say, 15 minutes, a small shape charge would go off, severing his scrotum. Additional charges attached (pun intended) to the reattachement of said scrotum would be the offenders responsibility.
twitch, Mar 11 2016


       Let's see, what portion of the help file does this fall under ? I'll go look, I'll be right back....   

       Well, that was quick. I think I'd lump it under the "cruelty" section.
normzone, Mar 11 2016

       Apparently these people don't ever have children already that they might need to visit the school for.
RayfordSteele, Mar 11 2016

       Where to begin? Well, I suppose:   

       * Not all sex offenders have committed sex offences against children.   

       * Not all sex offenders have scrota.   

       * Children are not generally always near schools or youth centres, but out and about all over the place.   

       * I would regard pedophilia as a mental illness, so it's not about punishment. It seems to be associated with learning disability so far as I can tell from anecdotal experience, as it's a developmental issue - sexual target doesn't change with age as it usually does, in the same way as the brain doesn't develop with age in other ways. This idea is potentially tantamount to putting bombs in the genitals of people with learning difficulties quite a lot of the time.
nineteenthly, Mar 11 2016

       " I would regard pedophilia as a mental illness "   

       Yeah,and it's not always difficult to get classed as one. Not to defend, but I'll relate a tale I heard from a registrant that was a coworker of mine.   

       When he was in jail (for a one-time consensual touch with a girl that was nearly 18, she told a friend, the friend told a school counselor), he heard from a young man how he came to be in the mandatory therapy class.   

       Two kids, boy and girl, both seventeen. They're having sex regularly, both sets of parents know and are okay with it.   

       The boy turns eighteen first. He and the girl's mom have a falling out over something or other. The girls mom calls the police and tells them there's an adult boning her daughter.   

       The DA takes the case and follows through with charges and prosecution. The boy is now a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.   

       And [twitch] wants to blow his balls off.
normzone, Mar 11 2016

       I don't even feel like I need to explain my fish.
Voice, Mar 11 2016

       That's another very valid issue, [normzone]. There used to be an age difference limit in the law if I recall correctly, so there wouldn't have been a prosecution if the age difference was small. Many pedophiles want help if they're worried they'll do something which would be defined as a criminal offence but can't get help unless they actually do commit an offence. Nobody's interested in intervening before they break the law even if they desperately want them to do so. Same applies to stalking. When they talk about preventing stalking, they're not referring to educational approaches with younger adolescents but in people who are already stalking, after the fact.
nineteenthly, Mar 13 2016

       Well I'm out here in <--> doing <---> and had a stupid conversation with my shipmates and this is what we came up with. Cruel? Yes. Stupid? Yes. Boneable? Definitely.
twitch, Mar 19 2016

       I keep reading this as Scrotum Shape Change... and I suppose in a way that's not even wrong.   

       Others have covered the cruelty and pointlessness of this, I'm just going to slag it for the impracticality of the shaped-charge part. Explosives aren't magic, and shaped charges are less so.
baconbrain, Mar 19 2016

       Well, [twitch], the New Yorker magazine just did an article on the law. Holy shit...   

       There's a girl in her twenties on the list for life - she pulled a boy's pants down on the playground when she was ten.   

       There's another father - he had a daughter raped and murdered when she was young, so he fought to get this bill on the books. Now his eighteen year old son is going on the list for "heavy petting" with a fourteen year old.   

       Everybody who supported the law never dreamed it would be used like this.
normzone, Mar 20 2016


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