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Use pheromones to minimize adults having sex with prepubertal children

adults wear sex promoting pheremones prepubescent kids wear olfactory placeholders, the adults thus have sex with adults rather than prepubescent kids
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First the new definition, then the tech

I think the definition of wrongful sexual conduct with children should be changed to only apply to children who are prior to the start of puberty, having fewer than 10 pubic hairs. My own attempts to seduce adults When I was 12 and 13 as well as my awareness that adults have coerced other adults with the mere simulation of child sexual contact suggest that more permissiveness benefits kids as well as society.

Adults are measured as having half again times as much petting as well as intercourse as a result of reacting to an olfactory chemical (link). To reduce sexuality a placeholder chemical that occupies the same olfactory receptors is created, then made a part of kids shampoo or dryer sheets. Its possible a pheromone grabbing cyclodextrin could also be developed.

Simultaneously the adult starts wearing the sexual activity pheromone that causes half again times greater voluntary sexual activity directed towards them. Thus if the deterring pheromone reduces sexual contact to half the amount, while the attractant brings adult partner activity half again as much, childrens prepubescent adult sexual contact could be reduced to about a third or fourth current amounts, even amongst casual relatives, who are published as the most frequent source of prepubertal adult sexual contact among children (link).

It is meaningful to note that very clean people, as well as kids at swimming pools appear to be fully capable of happy sociable play. I was concerned that what adults consider “sexy” olfactory effects might actually just be “psychological spontaneity” olfactory effects. That clean people have fun suggests the kids that have garments treated with pheromone blocking dryer sheets will still be at an equally spontaneous charisma of enjoyable physiology as their friends.

As most adult child prepubertal sexual contact is from near relatives, most of these adults likely retain a capacity to value adult sexuality, getting them laid with adults reduces the risk to kids.

Also rather importantly,well meaning people safeguarding their children actually enhance their own sex lives rather than risk “uh, honey, the couch is eerily minimizing our cuddle time” as a result of scent migration.

One reason I like the shampoo or dryer sheet version is that I think it could be applied cheaply at a variety of cultures, notably the developing world. A very cheap voluntary solution outside of government could benefit hundreds of millions of prepubertal children

beanangel, Dec 09 2011

olfactory material causes voluntary sexual contact http://athenainstit...s/pdfs/10Xstudy.pdf
actually its .494 times more (1.5x) likely to have sex with pheremones [beanangel, Dec 09 2011]

research on adult child sexual contacts http://www.unh.edu/ccrc/pdf/CV192.pdf
[beanangel, Dec 09 2011]

rapid numbers on child adult sexual contact http://www.unh.edu/...lAbuseFactSheet.pdf
this suggests about 2 per 1000 per year, or, maybe, 2 per hundred prior to puberty [beanangel, Dec 09 2011]

Among women http://athenainstit.../pdfs/1013study.pdf
[beanangel, Dec 09 2011]




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