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Custard Die

Settable loaded dice
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I have been thinking of how to build an ordinary 6-sided die where the probabilities can be surreptitiously altered during a game. The answer, of course, is with non-newtonian fluid.

The dice are hollow, and partially filled with, well, probably not custard, but some variant of silly putty, a viscoelastic fluid. It is rigid and holds its shape well enough to bounce, but when left for a moment it will flow like liquid.

Using the Custard Dice would work as follows:

Through sleight of hand, drop the dice into your dice cup so the desired roll faces upwards. Hold still or place the cup on a flat surface for maybe ten or twenty seconds, and the putty dribbles to the lowest point inside. Roll the dice, and the probabilities are loaded to favour your chosen roll.

mitxela, Jan 03 2022


       My regards to Vinnie.   

       In the software world, everyone pays lip-service to security, but only two industries really take it seriously, namely, banks and casinos.
pertinax, Jan 03 2022

       Since I was only in Vegas* remotely, they healed remarkably fast.   

       *Likewise Sun City, Macau and Evian.
pertinax, Jan 04 2022

       My brother got quite good at hand throwing unloaded dice to hit the numbers you wanted when we were children (or was that me? some things get a bit vague at this distance) wasn't guaranteed of course, especially when trying not to look like you were trying to do it, but the odds were a little better than average when paying attention to the dice, a cup makes it more difficult of course but with practice you could get slightly better than average odds with that too.   

       Less chance of getting caught if there's no physical evidence, but even card counters get caught so you'd be spotted eventually.   

       They used to think darts was a game of chance too, was even a court case over a gambling license a pub didn't have.
Skewed, Jan 07 2022

       ^ lay included.   

       If your not gifted, why does it always comes down to hours in months of practice.   

       By the way [+] for a delayed rolling dice.
wjt, Jan 07 2022


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