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Level Dice

Bubbly gambling goodness
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A glass ball filled with water, with a tiny air bubble inside it and numbers etched on the surface. Works exactly like a bubble level used to mount shelves. Best used on a slightly grippy surface with a little give, or on a dimpled surface, so it will come to a complete stop and stay there long enough for the number to be determined.

Inside surface is dimpled to help the bubble stay put once it chooses a number.

21 Quest, Apr 11 2009


       I forsee disputes. But Not that many. +
leinypoo13, Apr 11 2009

       The delux edition has an LED embedded in the center for late night D&D sessions.
21 Quest, Apr 11 2009

       Needs internal dimples, so that the bubble rests momentarily at each number before moving one... otherwise excellent. +
xenzag, Apr 12 2009

       Pretty and fun. +
blissmiss, Apr 12 2009

       An excellent idea, xen, thanks! I'll add it to the post.
21 Quest, Apr 12 2009

       I have seen one of these. Admittedly you didn't roll it, it was seated in a set of gimbals as per those world globes. Had no internal dimples, though (bit hard to manufacture I presume). The numbers were outlined by a geodesic etching pattern on the outside (upwards of 150 I think). The internal working fluid was a coloured oil. Presumably so that the bubble didn't always stay at the top whilst being rolled (the bubble did a funny little dance), and to avoid disaster in the high temperature manufacture of the device.

       After hours of play, I noticed a slight bias due to the little internal nob of glass where it was blown and sealed.

       Fun and bun [+].
4whom, Apr 13 2009

       Sounds pretty neat, 4whom. Got a link?
21 Quest, Apr 13 2009

       Unfortunately no link. The gentleman's name was Sonny Evans. An octegenarian when I met him (well over 20 years ago). He had a little engineering factory next to our farm on the east coast of RSA. He had a wonderful selection of gadgets and inventions. Well known for his ability to over-engineer a solution to the extreme. Batty-er than a belfry, to boot. You will just have to take my word (and bun) on this one.

       He used to tell me, at every available opportunity, that a sphere holds exactly 2/3 the volume of its circumscribing cylinder. I once introduced him to my Commadore64 and a small program I had written. After the brief explaination, he remarked, "Just remember, digital is the sphere, analog is the cylinder." Wonderful man!

       Thank you for making me remember him...
4whom, Apr 13 2009

       JOOC, [21 quest], what size do you plan these dice to be? Thanks.
phundug, Apr 13 2009

       Probably about the size of regular dice. However, like regular dice, they would be available in many sizes, in many colors, and with many options for the filling, such as oils and gasses.
21 Quest, Apr 13 2009

       Well, I'll be damned. It's a great idea.+
daseva, Apr 13 2009

       *adopts Stewie Griffin Persona*

       You dare mock me!? Just who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheeba? Oh I BEG to differ...
21 Quest, Apr 13 2009

       It helped, though.

       The mechanism isn't baked? I figure, hey, if the bubble mechanism thing works out, it's good to go. Lasers, fish, smoke, sound, and the like will be added later. Alcohol will commonly be used instead of water for drinking games. The bigger the bubble, the more shots, etc. etc.
daseva, Apr 13 2009


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