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Self Rolling Dice

Keep bouncing around slower and slower until they settle on the final number.
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The thing that make a roulette wheel exciting is that it takes a minute for the marble to settle on the number even bouncing into other numbers before setting into the final one.

That's what these dice would replicate. Rather than the numbers just popping up after a couple of tumbles, they'd hop around like jumping beans using motorized solenoids inside to make them hop around like popcorn in a pan.

The hopping around would slow and you wouldn't know exactly when it was done so you might rolled 12 and a 1 but one of the dice does one more flip, you get snake eyes and you lose it all.

You could also just have a section of the table that bounces them around. That's probably easier.

Dice rolling roulette style wheel, that could work. Instead of the numbers it just has slats that keep the dice bouncing around until the wheel slows enough for the dice to stop getting bounced and flipped.

So basically it's a way to make dice more exciting for people who find dice exciting.

doctorremulac3, Nov 03 2022

Like this only not at all like this. https://www.youtube.../shorts/o3HxoK_Ywc8
[doctorremulac3, Nov 03 2022]

Boogie Dice http://boogiedice.com/
Self-rolling, motorized dice. [a1, Nov 04 2022]

Dice_20Roulette [xenzag, Nov 04 2022]

Electric dice popper https://www.amazon....lectric+dice+popper
For lots of games, not just Yahtzee [a1, Nov 04 2022]

Maglev Dice Table Maglev_20Dice_20Table
Is it the dice or the table? [a1, Nov 04 2022]


       The linked dice suck. Mine slow down like a roulette wheel. Those are just annoying.   

       Be fun to smash them with a hammer though.
doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2022

       I don't think I would trust individually motorized dice. The bouncing dice tray that randomizes and then stops sounds much less open to tampering.   

       I would have thought that //people who find dice exciting// don't need any more excitement in their lives.
pocmloc, Nov 04 2022

       Dice Rolling Roulette idea [link]
xenzag, Nov 04 2022

       I'm wondering if anybody's done the dice rolling platform idea. That really would be the easiest to do.   

       I remember a game that had dice on a little platform and you'd hit the clear dome top to snap a little platform that would roll them once.   

       Don't remember what the game was though.
doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2022

       // don’t remember what game it was //   

(edit, I looked these up - there are LOTS of games you can use them for)

       // the linked dice suck //   

       You might not like them as presented, but mechanically they’re exactly what you’re after. And they’re programmable for how long they run in each toss, so your roulette-type long spin down could be an option.
a1, Nov 04 2022

       So the way to do the dice bouncing bed that slows down would be to have a rotating member beneath it that hits a serrated ratchet like mechanism attached to the underside of the flexible bed. The impact zone circles so the dice flip at different times and as it slows (like a roulette wheel) the various dice being struck slow in their flipping creating the excitement of the roulette wheel as described.
doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2022

       Now you're describing a dice table instead of dice that roll themselves. There's another way to do that (link).
a1, Nov 04 2022

       Read the idea.   

       //You could also just have a section of the table that bounces them around. That's probably easier.//   

       I considered the magnet idea and dropped it. Mechanically striking the dice from underneith is 1- Easier and 2- Eliminates dice clinging to the magnet and simply scraping along.   

       Plus it's a lot simpler and cheaper and works with existing dice.   

       Same goes for air flow tossed dice, sub atomic particle tossed dice or vacuum chamber photon spun dice.
doctorremulac3, Nov 04 2022

       // Read the idea //   

       I have. The main thing you want is a a game where dice bounce for a long time before stopping, and you propose several ways to do that. Initially you suggested dice with solenoids built in, then a tabletop that shakes (in whole or in part), then briefly considered one that spun like a roulette wheel.   

       I’m not criticizing the idea, only looking at prior art and possible new approaches for each part.
a1, Nov 05 2022


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