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sphericon dice

d12, d16, d20, in sphericon shapes
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Any multiple of 4 faces can be made into a sphericon-bipyramid shape - the d8, though, would look exactly as it does now - but why not have an entire set?
Random832, Apr 21 2005

Zocchihedron dice etc. http://www.advancin....php/products_id/40
Spherical D100 - not the one I have (mine's a D6), but it looks interesting. [DrCurry, Apr 22 2005]

16-sided faceted sphericon http://www.seanmich...phericon_dice.shtml
[iamanangelchaser, Apr 11 2009]


       Please, not the sphericon craze again!   

DesertFox, Apr 21 2005

       [Random] but sphericon surfaces are curved -- how would the die be able to come to rest on a face?
JesusHChrist, Apr 21 2005

       Sorry if i wasn't clear enough - it would be made by slicing a double pyramid in the same way that a real sphericon is made from a double cone
Random832, Apr 21 2005

       JHC: for what it's worth, I have a pair of spherical dice.
DrCurry, Apr 22 2005

       Me too, and you can roll them whenever you want ... baby.
bungston, Apr 22 2005

       A D100 is filled with small grains. As it rolls these grains slow down the rolling significantly, so that it rests at a number after only a few seconds, just like normal dice do. The only problem is determining what that number is. You have to look carefully which number is on top.   

       I have some difficulty understanding this idea. Is it about making a D4 and D12 in the same shape as this D100? That's nice. The rollplayers would collects these like Bill Gates collects dollars.
zeno, Apr 23 2005

       This is stupid.
contracts, Apr 23 2005

       No it isn't, dice are nice!
zeno, Apr 23 2005

       I think I'm the only person that gets what he's talking about. It's not a bad idea at all--think a faceted sphericon. Of course, this would be pointless with anything less than 10 sides.
5th Earth, Apr 23 2005

       [zeno] somehow you were lucky enough to miss out on the sphericon craze the first time - google "sphericon"   

       [5th earth] you need a multiple of 4 sides for it to work - a d12 or d20 qualify - as would a d16 if such a thing were to exist
Random832, Apr 25 2005

       Seriously. Most of you guys don't seem to get it. First off, a sphericon is not a sphere. He's not proposing spherical dice. A sphericon is derived from a bicone, which is the shape of many polyhedral dice, most commonly d10s. So if you can take a bicone and make a sphericon, you can take a biconal die and make it into a sphericonal die. Check out the link above for a 3d image.   

       Why would you want to do this? Well, novelty really. It's just neat. I don't think there's any other advantage. That said, people who buy lots of polyhedral dice are suckers for novelty. It would probably make money.
iamanangelchaser, Apr 13 2009


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