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Custard Sculptures

Utilize the near-mythical properties of our favorite dessert-gravy to make art.
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Right, Custard. The proper stuff made from Bird's custard powder, none of that fancy-schmancy stuff, is essentially a corn starch solution. As such, it exhibits some wonderful non-Newtonian properties... it behaves like a sold if you put it on a vibrating platform.

So, take a powerful vibrating platform. Place a tube on it. Fill the tube with custard. Take the tube away and marvel in the custard cylinder that vibrates in front of you. Then, invite a sculptor around and marvel as they chisel away at a free-standing lump (pool?) of liquid.

Now, providing you still have power, you will have a lovely sculpture of a... er.. something, who cares to marvel at. Then, when your girlfriend comes round, you may invite her to pick it up.

Then enter the short film you made of the whole thing to some snobby film festival with vague hints about human reliance on power and contextualization of physical norms.

bs0u0155, Jan 15 2014

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       Freeze drying to set the final shape?
popbottle, Jan 15 2014

       Have you never had a blancmange made in a rabbit shaped jelly mould?
pocmloc, Jan 15 2014

       <wonders if there is a market for a rabbi shaped jelly mould, realises there probably is one already...>
not_morrison_rm, Jan 15 2014

       NASA has used cornstarch <link> and ultrasonic vibrations to model the behaviour of ablative heat- shields during re-entry. By tuning the vibrations, they can simulate the behaviour of material under extreme thermal stress.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2014


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