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De Selby's Vanishing Chain

Chain that draws the eyes of those who gaze on it to focus on a single point in the fabric of the universe
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De Selby's Vanishing Chain is named after the great De Selby, a sort of footnote character from the Third Policeman.

The chain itself is of simple construction, and hangs from a supporting hook in the middle of an otherwise bare room. Its largest link is at the top, then each subsequent link decreases in size as it progresses towards a small plinth. As it approaches the plinth the links become so small as to be almost invisible to the naked eye, yet each is perfectly engineered and attached in turn to the one above and the one below. The penultimate links are so minute as to be only visible through a powerful lens.

The final link is another chain in itself, of single connected molecules that merge into the perfect surface of the table, which reflects both the chain above and those who stare closely at its zero point, from where the links begin to emerge.

Also available as a very limited edition: De Selby's Vanishing Chain in a bottle.

xenzag, Sep 13 2006


       cool, very trippy. .......+........
xandram, Sep 13 2006

       a conundrum...+
pigtails_and_ponies, Sep 13 2006

       Hey, did someone steal the bottom molecule from this?
phundug, Sep 13 2006

       Guess I have to read the book.
RayfordSteele, Sep 13 2006

       You won't regret it.
wagster, Sep 13 2006

       The table should have a built-in scale, just to be sure that only one molecule is touching the surface.
Shz, Sep 14 2006

       With a powerful enough microscope we could find the missing link.   

calum, Sep 14 2006


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