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Custom Pocket Knives

Manufacture pocket knives with a custom assortment of blades
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Most adults carry pocket knives. I've been happy with a variety of types of pocket knife in my life, but I've never found the Perfect One, with an assortment of tools which are truly useful and no tools which are not useful.

With Computer Aided Manufacturing, it should be possible to manufacture a custom pocket knife containing all the tools I need but none of the ones I don't. Surely this assortment varies from person to person -- for example, I require a phillips-head screwdriver and a Torx-head one would be really nice. But I have little use for the toothpick and the tweezers on my current swiss army knife.

LinuxZealot2004, Aug 31 2004

Kershaw MultiTool http://www.knifecen.../kershaw/tool1.html
No apparent toothpick, but some big tweezers. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       Baked. The Swiss Army company Vitorinox has been customing building knives since 1891. Give em a call. [marked–for-deletion].
etherman, Aug 31 2004

       // Most adults carry pocket knives // Do they? Where do you get that from? I would suggest that most adults do not carry knifes of any sort.
jonthegeologist, Aug 31 2004

       //Most adults carry pocket knives//
Its the 11 - 17yr olds in Glasgow...
Jinbish, Aug 31 2004

       Toothpicks and tweezers? You have DF's knife!
ldischler, Aug 31 2004

       If not more than 50% of adults, I would say that at least a significant enough percentage of people carry pocket knives that a good innovation in that market could be quite a moneymaker.   

       Now this may be baked, but I wouldn't call it widely known. Okay, at least I didn't know... How expensive are these custom made knives?   

       Of course to implement this you wouldn't need any computer aided manufacturing. Just make the pocket knives dissassemblable and modular. Swiss army knives always looked pretty modular to me, if they just added a screw at both ends. Then just take your pick of features and pile them into as thick of a knife as you want. It would also be nice since you could dissasemble it for cleaning, and change the tool set if your needs change. Also, the modular knife could be fairly inexpensive since it could be sold in one standard kit with all the posible tools, or as a base kit with expansion packs targeted to specific audiences: generally much cheaper tan having someone put together anything custom.   

       But then someone would just have to go and buy 30 complete kits and put together a 10 foot wide (long?)pocket knife just to show off.
scad mientist, Aug 31 2004

       The Kershaw MultiTool <link> isn't quite the customizable pocket knife that you asked for, but it has a rivet-free design that will allow you to easily disassemble the tool and they have plans for offering user-changeable tools in the future. Worth keeping an eye on this product.
jurist, Aug 31 2004


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