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Compact Sword Blade

Similar to tape measure
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The blade is made up of two thin strips of metal that are bound at their edges to allow for thin tubing to run between the strips of metal.
The blade is sprung so as to extend on triggering release catch. During extension, the tubes are hydraulically stiffened to cause a rigid blade.
The blade is re-wound by the compacting trigger which activates the pumps to de-pressurize the tubing which also reels in the deflated blade.
Product can be made to look like an unusual flashlight.
Zimmy, May 10 2005

switchblade sword Switchsword
[CombatChuck, May 10 2005]


       //Product can be made to look like an unusual flashlight.//   

       LOL, and I'm having trouble figuring out why... though, it occurs to me that an unusual flashlight could look like just about anything.
daseva, May 10 2005

       Sounds like the same principle upon which human male erections are based. [Zimmy], giving a whole new phallic dimension to the already phallic "sword fight/pissing contest" imagery.   

       As far as the strength of such a blade goes, I think this might just function as a metal whip. I don't think air pressure would be enough to support a stabbing/piercing implement.
contracts, May 10 2005

       Incidentally, I have a sledgehammer in the shape of an unusual flashlight. To be precise, it is in the shape of a flashlight that looks like a sledgehammer. Sadly, it does not work as a flashlight.
Basepair, May 10 2005

       Oh, jesus. This is too much!   

       Sledgehammer looks like flashlight that looks like a sledgehammer... damn... I need go call the hotline!
daseva, May 10 2005

       As confusing and cool as that sounds... cloudface's switchsword for the win.
CombatChuck, May 10 2005

       You would only want to duel folks armed with blunt things.
bungston, May 10 2005

       [cloudface]'s idea reminded me of this idea I had a while back, but never posted.
I thought hydraulic usually implied fluid?
Zimmy, May 10 2005

       Whoops! I guess I was thinking pneumatic :-) Still, a waterballoon just ain't scary. Perhaps an interconnected network of tiny tubes?
contracts, May 10 2005


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