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For when a normal sword turns into a insane bomb knife sword
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You start off with getting a normal sword but when you swing it very hard, out of some compartments come four knifes, two on each side. On the knives another compartment comes a bomb on each knife and if you hit something the bombs go off and the bombs shoot nets at you.

This has been a [crash] idea :)

crash, Jan 14 2006

http://www.the-forc...fe's_gonna_suck.crd [zeno, Jan 17 2006]

A Long Cable, Redux A_20Long_20Cable_2c_20Redux
It is very long, redux. [django, Mar 24 2006]


       Ridiculous and fun..but what makes it "eco?"
riemann_ranger, Jan 14 2006

       I asked [crash] the same question. He said he liked the way it sounded.
wagster, Jan 14 2006

       and the nets are poisoned also
benfrost, Jan 14 2006

       And the poison smells horrible.
fridge duck, Jan 14 2006

       Unless you use it on a tree, I guess.
DrCurry, Jan 14 2006

       Wars tend to pollute the environment. The world would be a much nicer place if soldiers cared about the environment while they went out to the battlefield to kill each other off.
Jscotty, Jan 15 2006

       //*You* start off with getting a normal sword...
when *you* swing it very hard, out of some compartments come four knifes... bombs...
if *you* hit something the bombs go off and the bombs shoot nets at *you.*//

       <86>Ah, the ol' booby-trapped eco-sword trick, aye?</86>
I pro/sup|pose the net is bomb/knife|proof, thereby rendering the assault|er/ee eco-friendly, if not a bit wormy.
thumbwax, Jan 15 2006

       Wow [crash] What a great idea! Look at that pastry shop up there!
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 15 2006

       No, sorry, don't like it one bit. A sword with knives and bombs, I mean come on! The sword has allready been perfected by the samoerai. I'll not hesitate to give a fishbone to the youngest halfbaker.   

       (btw, I did a search for [crash] and found out about the idea about a halfbakery for the young ones, I read all the anno's also, great stuff)
zeno, Jan 15 2006

       [crash] has just been entrusted with his own account! Expect more sharp exploding stuff...
wagster, Jan 15 2006

daseva, Jan 16 2006

       The halfbakery [crash] of /06.   

       Welcome [crash].You must feel real proud to be the youngest ever halfbaker with his own account.
zeno, Jan 17 2006

       //if you hit something the bombs go off // But you're only a sword's length away. Won't this hurt?
I still think the guy with the Glock will win.
coprocephalous, Jan 17 2006

       I like the phrase "insane bomb knife sword" (in the subtitle). I can imagine it on the product packaging.
hippo, Jan 17 2006

       //I like the phrase "insane bomb knife sword"// It would just *have* to be an Acme product, wouldn't it?
coprocephalous, Jan 17 2006

       meep-meep! vroooosh......
Minimal, Jan 17 2006

       //But you're only a sword's length away. Won't this hurt?// No, you're a sword and like two knives away (depending on whether the knives telescope out of each other -- wasn't specified). So clearly out of the range of harm. Plus, the bomb throws a net around you (presumably to protect you from it)
phundug, Jan 17 2006

       I wonder what it'll be like when he invents a new gun.
notmarkflynn, Jan 17 2006

       I dread to think...
wagster, Jan 17 2006

       I do not think I will be going on [crash]'s ecotour.
bungston, Jan 17 2006

       [crash], where are you???
daseva, Jan 17 2006

       I'm telling you guys if I put up an idea like this it would be fishboned immediately.
the fiddler, Mar 23 2006

       //The sword has allready been perfected by the samoerai//   

       zeno, I'm shocked It's "samurai"   

       [fiddler] Don't complain. Grin and bear it, and make a better idea!
DesertFox, Mar 24 2006

       Of course it will, [fiddler] It's a fact of life that children are more likable. Or at least, those that dont' like children simply avoid them if possible.   

       <innocence> You didn't think buns are bones were entirely about efficacy did you? </innocence>
Darkelfan, Mar 24 2006

       I am thirteen he is twelve. 1 year difference. Even when my idea sort of made sense.
the fiddler, Mar 24 2006

       No he isn't, he's just showing off that he's allowed to play games made for grown ups.
wagster, Mar 24 2006

       I think the Eco-sword is almost as good as A Long Cable, Redux. [link]. Only less useful.
django, Mar 24 2006


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