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Custom faces for flash animation

That's you in there!
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I was reading about the creepy weirdo book and Curry's comment that it should be for kids. Rather than doom this kid friendly and bakeable idea to thhe creepy weirdo topic, here it is by itself.

Flash animation is everywhere, especially kid shows - watch Wonderpets or the They Might Be Giants kid DVDs. I like it but am ignorant as regards how it is produced, and my suggestion may border on magic.

I propose that there be a website with flash animation which can be customized. One would upload 8 pictures of a kid's head: front view, profile, happy, angry etc. The animation would then substitute the uploaded leads for the animation head. The kid in question could then watch herself running around with the Wonderpets, fighting dragons, dancing around etc.

bungston, Apr 14 2008

Never Go To Work http://www.youtube....watch?v=m3Kgj6EiZtw
This cute video opens with regular puppets for about a minute, then the flash begins. I sing this song most of the time, now. [bungston, Apr 14 2008]

Creepy Weirdo Book Creepy_20Weirdo_20Book
Inspiration. [bungston, Apr 14 2008]

Baked http://www.reallusion.com/go/itsme.asp
May not be as sophisticated as you'd like - only one photo involved. [DrCurry, Apr 14 2008]

Elf Yourself http://www.elfyourself.com/
This is exactly what I envisioned. I guess it was around for xmas 2007 so I cannot take credit. [bungston, Dec 11 2008]


       I seem to recall reading about services that will do that thing, mostly geared to older kids and adults who want to personalize their gaming avatars.   

       Indeed - one such site linked.
DrCurry, Apr 14 2008

       I had this idea fresh last night after going to a show. I think my ideas are sort of like my cooking: the same 5 or 6 things, constantly recycling.   

       At a show or event, there are lots of people in the audience, and cameras set to show their faces. Which sometimes they do, during the show, for some reason.   

       Before and after the show there would be cartoons. Ideally these would be clipped from old saturday morning cartoons or the like. They would be clipped so the characters appeared to be dancing, running, or fighting to peppy music. A face from the audience would be automatically clipped from the larger picture; ideally several over time with a range of expressions. The face would be grafter onto the cartoon character which would caper about to the amusement of all but especially whomever's head was in use, and the people he/she came with.
bungston, Apr 09 2016


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