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Personal Day Recorder (PDR)

Records everything you see and hear during the day.
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Where the hell did I put the keys? Where had he told the dinner was? Did I leave the stove on? Which store had that good deal? Did I feed my cat today? What should I have told in that meeting? ... All these self-imposed questions will now be history. This device is basically a safety glass with a camera, microphone and a storage (it may well be sunglasses too). You wear it all day long and it records every move you take or every conversation you have, including phone conversations. Then you go home and plug it to your computer with a usb and there: Back to the future! Excellent for those with bad memories.
xkuntay, Jan 10 2009

MyLifeBits at wikipedia.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MyLifeBits
"MyLifeBits is a Microsoft Research project...[offering] full-text search, text and audio annotations, and hyperlinks... [T]he project will try to collect a lifetime of storage..." [phoenix, Jan 10 2009]

MyLifeBits at Microsoft http://research.mic...febits/default.aspx
[phoenix, Jan 10 2009]

Wheresitat? Wheresitat_3f
Similar. [phoenix, Jan 10 2009]

now where did I put that post.... oh here it is Memory_20Jewellery
also contains links to 2 other posts with the same'ish idea [FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2009]


       it's called a brain.
po, Jan 10 2009

       [po] well of course wimmen don't have that kind of problem, but it would come in handy for when the gf says something you actually need to know interleaved with her daily diatribe on stuff you not only couldn't possibly have any interest in but will get into trouble if you comment upon.
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2009

       <wink> yeah, I understand.
po, Jan 10 2009


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