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Experience This

Experience Sculpture
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Skin sensor

Aural sensor

Weather sensor


Combined data from the above compared to a preset list of parameters in the device (updates available sporadically, as the artist(s) you subscribe to may release them).

When a match occurs, you are assumed to have had the prescribed experience, and your lifelist of events is updated; you have the opportunity to critique the expreience, communicate with the artist, inform others of the conditions that led to it.

Example experience:

As you emerge to the street on the most SW escaltor in the Montgomery St. BART station in San Francisco, if for the duration of the ride, a certain part of a certain passage of music is playing on your ipod or cd player, not too loud, it's a weekday, the city sounds can be heard blending with the music, it is spring, temperature between 54 and 58 deg F, wind 10 to 15 mph, your caffiene level at 2 to 3 cups (approximate value determined by the skin sensor), during the morning commute, partly cloudy conditions.

(It's a wristwatch)

oxen crossing, Apr 26 2005

Feeling This http://www.lyricson...lingthislyrics.html
[jaksplat, May 03 2005]


       So it's not really duplicating anything - - just recording data?   

       Also, category- culture: art:sculpture?
contracts, Apr 26 2005

       Communal deja-vu?
krelnik, Apr 26 2005

       Whether your girlfriend has dumped you or not this morning...
st3f, Apr 26 2005

       Whether or not you dumped her . . .
contracts, Apr 26 2005

       No, not recording anything. Allowing the artist to duplicate an expereince for an audience, one at at time. Just collecting data and comparing it to a set of data that was recorded by the artist, to document a particular experience he or she had. If the data matches, then the user can be assumed to have had the same experience the artist intended. I admit the question of authorship is a bit weird here, but part of this is to allow people to have the experience first, and learn that it was one the artist intended them to have second, so they can experience it without the preconception that they are about to have it. Sometimes. That is up to the artist. As is how many parameters need to be met to qualify as having the experience.   

       Sort of like experiencing the events in a movie, instead of watching it, but without the expectation that you are.   

       Then it gets sticky when one user wants to share the experience with another user, but it might not be too different from recommending a movie to a friend: you don't want to spoil the plot, but you want to describe it enough to get them interested.
oxen crossing, Apr 26 2005

       Category is based on Joseph Beuys' definition of sculpture: anything that someone makes happen (the artist) in physical space that has an effect on the non-physical being of someone else, whatever you want to call that: soul, psyche, etc. Can be sound, light, touch smell...   

       He intentionally left the question of intent out, as it fluctuates.
oxen crossing, Apr 26 2005

       i read this one as some sort of olympic game. Your experiences during your 23rd year versus mine.   

       bet you win.
elfling, Apr 26 2005

       st3f's ex needs her head examined :)
po, Apr 26 2005

       (Just by way of example, but thanks for the vote of confidence, po.)
st3f, Apr 26 2005

       I feel your paen.
reensure, Apr 26 2005

       Maybe, [UB], but I don't fully understand your comment. I was thinking that the intended experience would only be matched by the user (audience) if the defined parameters were all satisfied. Time is only one parameter, and can be defined as specifically as necessary to replicate the intended experience (ie, time = 6 - 9am in the spring, v. time = 6 - 9 am on June 3, v. time = 6 - 9 am any day).
oxen crossing, Apr 27 2005

       When it comes to picking out 10-20 of about 20,000 poorly thought out inventions, most of which make something happen with efffect on the non-physical being of something else, I don't think Joseph Beuys' definition of sculpture is particularly helpful.
jutta, Apr 30 2005

       Correct. I apologize for not having found the correct category initially. I was thinking about using this thing, not what the thing itself actually is.
oxen crossing, May 03 2005


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