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Real Time Animation

Multiple artists push touch screens in patterns that create talking faces, characters walking etc.
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It's an animated cartoon created in real time. Several artists create the compilation drawing via multiple touch screens as the soundtrack plays.

One person might control the outline of his face, the other his mouth (this would be the busiest animator) one the body, the other the feet etc.

So if you've been assigned the tail, you just touch the screen with 4 fingers forming a curved line. The program fills in space between the dots your fingers form to create a line. This line moves as your fingers move so if you sweep them back and forth, the tail wags. The body person uses both hands to form a body shape. Two legs people do the same as the tail person and move their fingers to create a walking motion.

So the character might say "Hi! I"m Barky McWoofles the first real time animated character!" The mouth animator would touch the screen with their fingers forming a mouth shape and move it like their hand is talking, similar to what you'd do with a sock puppet. Everybody would have to know the script and make their coordinated moves together for the animation to work.

This is something that could be done entirely on line as well. A program could be written to do all this with widely available currently used technology. Sign in with your phone and do the ears for instance. A little intro program would show you how to do it.

It would be like finger ballet more than art.

doctorremulac3, May 01 2021

Motus Digital: real-time animation services http://motusdigital...20in%20real%2Dtime.
This is closer to traditional puppetry meets zoom plugin. [jutta, May 05 2021]


       Could the artists be dancers and a camera used to obtain the strokes via an expressionist function?
wjt, May 02 2021

       Absolutely! I like that.
doctorremulac3, May 02 2021


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