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Cyberstalking Bush

Peep culture creates creep culture and they fight synthesizing a new reality.
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Apparently pop culture has given way to something called peep culture. Instead of the masses being fascinated by personalities who have all the status and prestige of being showcased in the mass media which previously defined pop culture, the masses are now fascinated with the personalities of one another who can now upload themselves as content into the media.

It is fitting in this new contemporary period of social relations that users of electronic media, in particular, do so while situated behind a Cyberstalking Bush. This bush is portable and collapsible like an artificial Christmas tree, and can be set up in front of any computer. Simply assemble this bush when viewing the personal life details of other individuals that you, like so many others, are endlessly fascinated with. Peer over it or through its branches to gaze upon the spectacle from which you are alienated in its antithesis: the creep culture.

rcarty, Aug 31 2010

This would suffice http://www.costumeb...essories.detail.jpg
kinda bushy, kinda creepy [afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 01 2010]

A social media user. http://4.bp.blogspo.../s400/war+games.jpg
[rcarty, Sep 01 2010]


       I thought this was going to be something about online vigilante action against past US presidents...
hippo, Aug 31 2010

       I thought this was going to be a commentary on what US authorities are now allowed to do to civilians because of past US presidents...
rcarty, Aug 31 2010

       [+] thought it was an icon of a bush with a pair of binoculars sticking out, to indicate cyberstalking-in-progress.
FlyingToaster, Sep 01 2010

       Thought this was going to be a potted plant equipped with WiFi and some other electronics, which would stalk you online for as long as you kept it watered. For lonely people and would-be celebrities who feel left out because they have no stalker.
mouseposture, Sep 01 2010

       //Apparently pop culture has given way to something called peep culture.// Really? Never heard of it - or at least I have, if you mean in the sense of "keeping up with the Jones'" which has been going on since before the boulder was man's favorite status symbol.
zen_tom, Sep 01 2010

       <looks around>
I think I'm being followed...
Jinbish, Sep 01 2010


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