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Pocket Christopher Walken

For those moments where you just need some Christopher Walken.
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A small, pocket sized Christopher Walken. He is dressed in a suit, carrying a gun, and an ice pick. He is fully animated with sound from all his movies. On one of his shins are a series of dip switches with all of his movies assigned to a switch (well all the good ones). Simply use his ice pick to flip the switches. There is also a switch on his other shin to turn on "Fatboy Slim music video mode" where Chris will perform your favorite movie monologue while dancing.

credit to ray-gun for this one.

bleh, Apr 26 2007

I have a fever, and the only prescription is... http://www.pistolwimp.com/media/12491/
Youtube didn't have it, surprisingly. [Hunter79764, Apr 27 2007]

read down and he will be available soon as a doll http://www.bellaonl...ticles/art50303.asp
[xandram, Apr 27 2007]

Christopher's Walkin' http://www.youtube....watch?v=ou9ByXb0HFw
Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice. [Jinbish, Apr 27 2007]

Film-Quoting_20Sail I read this idea, and then posted that one... [pertinax, Apr 27 2007]

Pocket Eddie Izzard http://www.youtube....watch?v=JF1ANzUmSv0
[zen_tom, Apr 28 2007]


       I'd rather have a pocket Marisa Tomei. [-]
nuclear hobo, Apr 26 2007

       Or a pocket John Malkovitzsjsjsjsjs but +
zeno, Apr 27 2007

       When customers of mine (I'm a bartender) display unwanted behaviour I need to raise my voice and explain to them they need to RESPECT MY AUTHORITAAI, much like Eric Cartman would do it ( I admit that sounds rather sad) What I wouldn't give to be able to whisper like Walken.
zeno, Apr 27 2007

       Can he say "I need more cowbell"? Please?
Hunter79764, Apr 27 2007

       is there a WWII watch stuck up his ass?
zen_tom, Apr 27 2007

       //chemical brothers//
sp:Fatboy Slim ?
Jinbish, Apr 27 2007

       //Fatboy Slim//
Loved that video.
moomintroll, Apr 27 2007

       I did mean fatboy slim. thanks jibnish.   

       //I'd rather have a pocket Marisa Tomei. [-] //   

       I was thinking shirt pocket, not pants pocket.   

       //is there a WWII watch stuck up his ass?//   

       If you wanna go lookin' for it, sure.   

       [hunter], I was thinking all his most memorable moments would be there, that one included. in fact all the SNL stuff should be there, the continental (is that what it was called?) is friggin hilarious.
bleh, Apr 27 2007

       i would buy 2
lilsis, Apr 28 2007

       A Sony Walken-man
marklar, Apr 28 2007

       // Sony Walken-man//   

bleh, Apr 28 2007

       I'd like a pocket Christoper Wren, please. With "Diarize" or "Design Cathedral" options.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2007

       // Christoper Wren// who?
bleh, Apr 30 2007

       Christopher Wren.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 30 2007

       Knock knock.
Who's there?
Chrisptopher Wren
// //Christopher Wren // who?//
Christopher Wren away so there's only me left!
Jinbish, Apr 30 2007

       I've been trying to figure out what a pocket Christopher Biggins would do.
zen_tom, May 01 2007

       Weird funny.   

       I want the Tomei model. Hell with that, I want the actual Tomei.
elhigh, May 15 2007


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