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Ye Olde Titanic Relic

make a visitor access replica of the Titanic ship wreck
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There is some sort of compulsion for people to want to visit the remains of the Titanic, the tragic consequences of which we sadly saw recently.

This is obviously an ultra dangerous activity and also the sole preserve of the mega rich, but why shouldn't anyone with a few spare quid in their pockets not also be able to share this experience?

The process of achieving this dubious outcome begins with the taking of a large number of 3D scans of the existing shipwreck along with its surroundings. These are then used to produce the files that enable a fully formed life sized replica of the Titanic shipwreck to be generated on land. (you can see why this is on the HB)

The next part of the realisation of Ye Olde Titanic Relic is the placing of the shipwreck in a tank of water. Positioned a few hundred feet down instead of the present 13,000 ft results in the descent to the wreck being achieved in total safety and comfort. Specially stained water means that the illusion of descending slowly into the murky depths is totally replicated, with convincing depth gauges reinforcing the effect.

Once at the "bottom" visitors will be able to confront an exact replica of the foundered ship recreated in total detail.

Large portholes in the submergible provide ample opportunity for the obligatory selfies etc and of course "been there done that" T shirts along with an expanded range of souvenir tat is for sale once the visitors re-surface. (with all profits going to the families of those who died at sea on the migrant boat that recently sank off the coast of Greece)

xenzag, Jun 24 2023

What it looks like https://en.m.wikipe...reck_of_the_Titanic
[xenzag, Jun 24 2023]

Ocean Gate https://babylonbee....oupon-for-next-tour
[a1, Jun 24 2023]

scans reveal wreck as never seen before https://www.bbc.com...nvironment-65602182
[a1, Jun 25 2023]

https://what-if.xkcd.com/160/ [hippo, Jun 26 2023]

Tom The Dancing Bug https://www.gocomic...ncingbug/2023/06/30
Ruben Bolling trolls HB for inspiration - so many current themes [a1, Jun 30 2023]


       How about instead we make a new submarine to visit the wreck of the submarine which was lost visiting the titanic?   

       I mean, if the mega-rich are going to ghoulishly visit a wreck, perhaps they should be in a little danger.
Loris, Jun 24 2023

       [Loris] - Ocean Gate is already working on it (link).
a1, Jun 24 2023

       Guaranteed to draw bigger crowds than the Ark Encounter!
21 Quest, Jun 24 2023

       Given the scale of replicas in Las Vegas, I foresee a Wreck of the Titanic Casino, plus Entertainment Venue, with realistic fish tanks filling the replica cracks and missing parts.
4and20, Jun 24 2023

       Those scans (link) are perfect for our purpose.
xenzag, Jun 25 2023

       A most untidy wreck site, to be sure. Have the deceased nothing better to do than lay about collecting barnacles and seaweed while what's left of their ship falls apart? How about binning some of that debris and collecting that Monopole champagne? For the more motivated there's some recently-added carbon fiber tainting the works that should be cleaned up or at least moved to one side. We strive for a green site, no matter how black the surroundings.
whatrock, Jun 25 2023

       Nobody visits a junkyard, regardless of the age of the stuff there. Yet take the same junk and set it at 5000 leagues and its now famous and intriguing in some odd fashion.   

       My retirement plan: find some qualified dump with lots of old cars and stuff, flood it, and build a museum beside it with whatever didn't like being flooded.
RayfordSteele, Jun 26 2023

       My solution is slightly different: Remotely-operated submersibles (essentially, unmanned, robot submarines with cameras) are less accident-prone, easier to make and cheaper than submarines that people can go in. So my idea is to have the Titanic explored by these remotely-operated submersibles, equipped with high-definition cameras. These submersibles will be operated by people who have each paid a staggering amount of money to "explore the Titanic" but who are unaware that in fact they are in a submarine simulator which reproduces all the creaks and clicks of a submarine descending to depth, and displays the footage from the remotely-operated submersible (which, naturally, is responding to the simulator's navigation commands) on the murky porthole window. To make people believe they are in a real submarine, it may be necessary to actually make a submarine that can be placed in the water just below the surface, and which can then operate as a simulator.
hippo, Jun 26 2023

       Be sure to control the temperature and humidity too [hippo] I would do it even knowing it's a simulator
Voice, Jun 26 2023

       [Voice] Yes, good point on temperature and humidity. The purpose of not revealing to the participants that it's a simulator is to justify a higher price to be charged
hippo, Jun 26 2023

       I had considered the option of a realistic recreation of the actual submergible that was crushed like a can, complete with threatening sound effects, but thought it may be in too bad taste, so close to the event. (even for me) It remains an option for a more future scenario.
xenzag, Jun 26 2023

       Similar to [Ray]'s plan I would purchase several hundred of those parked automobiles that didn't get sold the previous model year, drain the fluids, remove the batteries and load them onto several hi-capacity ferries that I would pilot remotely. At the appointed spot, preferably someplace deep and nearish an existing shipwreck sequentially, er, unload them all.   

       The benefit here (in addition to freeing up acres of Terran real estate) is that eventual deep sea visitors would easily identify these modern automobiles making my wreck site a bigger draw than a wreck aged 100 years or more.
whatrock, Jun 26 2023

       [whatrock] see link
hippo, Jun 26 2023

       [hippo] indeed, most distressing.   

       I'd have to attach a balloon atop every car to keep it rightside up during the descent, and tie a string between cars to keep them more or less located together. One dummy* strapped into each driver seat would add to the fun, as would some way to keep the headlights lit. Bioluminescence or some such idea from the HB.   

       *or perhaps just a mannequin.
whatrock, Jun 26 2023

       // some way to keep the headlights lit //   

       While you're at it, you might want to keep the windsheild wipers going too.
a1, Jun 26 2023


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