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The Shack Box

Inside a shack a box generates amplitude of foreboding.
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The first shack has a garage door sized guillotine blade on a roller track and a folding lever arm. The entire assembly lurches forward in its descent. The edge is well rounded, but at some points a rusty edge has separated from the corner. Inside the shack there is heavy box, with a heavy lid. The tar soaked boards are heavier than they look, and the metal band that frames has a blunt but an almost intentionally neglected longitudinal* bur that fades but returns as you run your finger along the underside edge. A sliver, perhaps because the millwright was a fool killer. After all it's all about how the tradesman inspects as he runs along the edge between mastery and foolishness. Behind the lid is a shelf that prevents the lid from being set safely back, that's the lazy way anyway. The message that resonates from the box can only travel through the stillness of the silence! of the dark town at night. A baby's arm lies in the muck in a drainpipe stream from some forgotten child's careless daydreams, unseen. The stream washes the muck from the arm as it strains like a lever arm against the flowing water like all the bygone generation's tears from lost daydreams.

*correct because it runs along the parallel axis that the band can be turned on.

rcarty, Dec 07 2014

It's a Loris, I was close https://www.youtube...watch?v=POtC5PIFnJo
[not_morrison_rm, Dec 08 2014]


       There's a fool killer doors at some colleges I know because I hit myself* in the face with them as a joke.
rcarty, Dec 07 2014

       You're just making this up.
pocmloc, Dec 07 2014

       No this is a story from where I grew up.
rcarty, Dec 07 2014

       You grew up?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 07 2014

       Well yes I am well over 6 feet tall. We already discussed alienation and the sate let me find.   

       //Alienation is one of the areas I have focussed on, and it is clear to me that there has been vast alienations of meaning in various realms. For example in science, a scienticianologist will look at the lifecycle of a human being, then to satisfy their crisis of existence mainly to make some sort of idea or something as Alterother too is expressing, will for example create a theory about "role modelling" and that because humans grow into adults, and there is a good example of an adult, then everyone must grow into that example because that's rational and based on science. But really the truth is people grow to be adults and anyone can act any way they damn well want, and they do. And then there is a subsequent layer of alienation when someone else comes along and interprets the theory as science, and prescribes that it ought to happen, and if it does not the person is dysfunctional. this is largely based on the need for functional types to perform roles in the service of the state etc.//   

       The Noise!
rcarty, Dec 07 2014

       Not wanting to make comparisons to P'ave and some others, but it's getting to where we can tell who's post this is in a couple of sentences and a glance at the title and structure.   

       On second thought, maybe that's a positive. Carry on.
normzone, Dec 08 2014

       Alienation is a bitch. Your formative years color your outlook for... everything after that.
The noise can't touch your core. Be you. You're cool. Fuck the box. Box was just a cocoon.

       //where we can tell who's post this is in a couple of sentences   

       Name that halfbaker....it could be streamed. For a very small audience.   

       It most commonly reminds me of beanangel, regressing backwards in time to be become the rcarty we all know and love.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 08 2014

       You were lucky. We couldn't afford days. Just an endless succession of nights with an occasional teasing glimpse of daybreak only to have it whisked away back into the gloom.
AusCan531, Dec 08 2014

       //Just an endless succession of nights with an occasional teasing glimpse of daybreak   

       Yep, that's England...presumably eventually every organism in the UK will display nocturnal adaptations to deal with the lack of daylight.   

       Expect people to look like scary marmoset on youtube, or whatever it was.   

       (wanders away subconsciously humming B52's "Love Shack")
not_morrison_rm, Dec 08 2014

       What's a scienticianologist?
RayfordSteele, Dec 08 2014

       An all too possibility.   

       I have a few conceptions of what could be one that works for me is half bastard half scientist half magician half logic observer. thats 200% so in conclusion a scienticianologist must necessarily be a complete bastard 100%
rcarty, Dec 08 2014


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