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When baseball meets dodgeball
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If you've seen the movie "BASEketball", you might see some similarities. Basicly, it's 2 teams of 6 players apeice. Only 3 player can play defence at a time, but they can rotate. The field layout is similar to BASEketball's, (2 bunts, 3 singles, 3 doubles, 3 triples and a homer run), except there is a 15-foot half circle instead of a basket. We'll call it "The Pit". There are 7 feet between each scoring zone. The "batter" has a ball and must hit a defensive player in the Pit. If he succeeds, he gets whatever hit he shot for. If he misses, he is out. A double play results in where a defensive player catches the ball and hits the batter. 9 innings, 3 out per innings, you can't shoot from the same place twice. For more info, get back to me or rent "BASEketball". It's the best friggin' movie ever.


HomerX, Sep 24 2002

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       Why not do this like ‘joust’ with, say, vaulting poles with BB-sized balls on one end. Zone defense, defenders have large suction cups on backs of their hands which are the only way they may make contact with the ball.   

       Players may only leave their zones when the ball is in play. Any offensive driver may carry the ball, and may hand the ball over to another member of offense but must immediately left the ball carrier's zone to any unoccupied zone. Defense is favored in zone placement in event of simultaneous zone seeking.   

       The ball is placed in play on a 15 second clock. After an initial rush to secure a zone, the offense has whatever time remains of the 15 seconds to try a shot to a zone defender within reach. Three plays to a round before not scoring forces a turnover. Scoring a hit on a defender causes the defense to yield the zone. Point are scored by access to the goals -- touch one and offense is up by two.
reensure, Sep 24 2002

       //BASEketball". It's the best friggin' movie ever//
Obviously you're confused - the title of the best friggin' movie ever is "Raising Arizona"
thumbwax, Sep 24 2002

       They changed it from Ghostbusters?
General Washington, Sep 24 2002

       Must be mighty lonely up there in the Great White North....
phoenix, Sep 24 2002


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