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Well, let's see. I'm 14, I'm from Canada, what else do you need to know, really. Sports, movies and anything related to entertainment are my forté, so alot of stuff I post will be related to that. I'm new, so my ideas might not be the best, so bear with me, OK? Questions? Drop me a line at mrbaseketball@hotmail.com

[Sep 18 2002]
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) All-Real TV
 Easier Bowling Scoring
(+2, -1) Gold, Platinum and Diamond-Certified Movies
 Half Bakers Hall of Fame
(-4) Human Bowling
(-2) National Rollerball League
(+2, -4) One-Directional Soccer
(-3) One-On-One Baseball
(+4) Oversized Pool with Defence
(+3, -1) ParodyTV
(+3) Pick-a-flick
(-2) Quadball
(+6, -2) Random-Selected Mandatory Winter Olympics
(+1) Reverse Scrabble
 Risk-style World Cup
(+2, -4) Rollerball II : Jonathan's Fate
(+1, -3) S.O.T.R.S. : The Easy Ratings System
(+2, -3) Simpsons Golf
(+3, -1) Speed Pool
(+1, -2) SuproBall
(+2, -4) The Don't-Try-This-At-Home Channel
 The Television Duel
(-3) Wrestleball
(+4, -1) X-Golf

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