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DJ SmokeScreen

A cool club lighting/dj booth device
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A clear acrylic box with a translucent white divider. A opaque area on the side shines a bright light through a slot, creating a thin beam inside the box. Along the bottom are nozzles which release the smoke into the box,which begins to swirl into the beam creating very psychedelic patters. Thats the basic idea.

Additionally there could be motorized pegs on the divider that affect the flow and movement of the smoke. There could also be lasers on the divider to project patterns into the wall of smoke. Different colored lights could also be placed behind the divider to illuminate from behind.

Fans mounted on top and sides would allow smoke to be purged, filling the area with smoke. With powerful enough fans, I think that a cool puff out, suck in effect to the beat could be accomplished. If put into a chase sequence, you could have smoke inchworm its way across the booth.

Also fans could be mounted on the insides that suck/blow the smoke like a wind tunnel. It would allow for strange jittery smoke effects, each side alternating forward then reverse rapidly. For constant forward or reverse, the smoke would be recirculated behind the divider.

rascalraidex, Dec 27 2007




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