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Fiber optic lighting for homes

Fiber optics cables to light an entiner home. <-- laugh at the typo but you will all fall when the chap stick men invade your planet
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The idea of mine is that every light in the house is powered by an always burning halogen bulb thats replaced every other month. The bulbs light is directed into a series of large fiber optic tubes that carry it room to room. The fiber optic cable for the overhead light would be pretty big in diameter , about as big as a regular bulb. To dim the light you select the level of darkness and a tinted wheel turns from clear to dim to dark. you could have the series of these tubes in every room. The dimmer wheel I talked about is a wheel that has clear and a wide selection of tint to give a dim light and finally a non-transparent section to keep the light "off".
Slaith, Feb 01 2006

Bakedybakedybaked. http://www.absolute-action.com/
Extremely expensive, horrifically inefficient, stunningly beautiful. [wagster, Feb 01 2006]


       can you explain what kind of efficiency you're aiming for here ? does it use less electricity (really? it's always on) or less resources in manufacture (really ? you're replacing it every couple of months).
neilp, Feb 01 2006

       P.S. as a courtesy to other sentient readers, you might consider using basic grammar throughout your postings.
neilp, Feb 01 2006

       hmmm i suppose having only one bulb burning instead of a room full would cost less, i could add the option of having the main bulb to be turned off at will
Slaith, Feb 01 2006

       I you turn the bulb off at night from a main switch that could operated via remote, I suppose that the bulb would last a good time.
Slaith, Feb 01 2006

       ok.. now you've removed the word 'efficiency' from the idea, can you remind us what the idea is ?
neilp, Feb 01 2006

       lol its efficiency pending here, give me a break and help me out with some ideas for this, lets brainstorm!
Slaith, Feb 01 2006

       So you're always using enough power to light your entire home, even when you want everything shut off? Very inefficient.   

       Anyway, central fiberoptic sourcing for groups of lights is very baked.
Freefall, Feb 01 2006

       How about this, there are special outlets by power recepticals that a special type of lamp cord is fitted into. The special lamp could run off of the homes fiber optic source. The could be a whole list of special fiber optic addons for the house
Slaith, Feb 01 2006

       Collection of sunlight, a kind of fiberoptic ducted skylight. I thought of this when I was about 14. My version used a large parabolic mirror to focus sunlight onto a smaller convex hyperbolic mirror, producing a narrow beam which was directed onto a fibreoptic bundle protruding through the base of the large mirror. It would have to track the sun. I saw this idea a few years later, but using lenses - which I thought would be heavier and more expensive than my mirrors.
spidermother, Feb 01 2006

       Well, now, [spidermother], that just seems completely brilliant to me. Wow. I want such a system.
pigonthewing, Feb 01 2006

       Lovely system [spider], shame about the after dark performance.
wagster, Feb 01 2006

       //after dark// Orbiting space mirror?
spidermother, Feb 02 2006

       [spidermother] I also thought of something similar to what you said a while ago for putting sunlight into interior "core-locked" spaces.   

       I never thought of concentrating the light. I think they have the more simplistic version that I thought of for a heafty price by now.   

       ([wagster] shouldn't that be "bakedybakedybakedbakedbaked"? )
Zimmy, Feb 02 2006

       I originally wanted to be able to get light and energy into a secret lair built under a mountain. As you do. Use in buildings and such was an afterthought.
spidermother, Feb 02 2006

       Why not just have one huge halogen bulb for the whole world, with fibre-optics piping light to every house? Oh, wait - that would be the sun...
hippo, Feb 02 2006

       What does "entiner" mean?
Is he the bloke who puts prongs on forks, and if so, isn't lighting just his home a little specialised?
coprocephalous, Feb 02 2006

       I think an entiner's skills are a little wider than that - he can, in principle, put tines on anything.
hippo, Feb 02 2006

       So, like when someone says "Fork that", off he goes and attaches tines?
coprocephalous, Feb 02 2006

       I will vote for this, however the amount of fiber optic cabling needed and the costs associated with it may not be worth it to be cost effective. Although the good thing about something like this is that it will alleviate the need to change light bulbs. Rather than having something like this for the whole house, maybe it might be something good for the recessed lighting in your living room where one bulb can service 12 light fixtures.
Jscotty, Feb 02 2006

       Silly people. Can't you see that what Slaith _really_ meant to say was:   

       "Fiber optics cables to light an _entertainer_ home"   

       instead of the present, "Fiber optics cables to light an entiner home"   

       This "entertainer" could be some kind of exotic dancer, who requires wild mood lighting. Fiber optics are perfect for that.   

       Alternatively, the "entertainer" could be a person who instructs and dazzles people with the ceiling to each room depicting a constellation of stars (which he would explain/entertain in great detail). The Entertainer would name each room after a constellation: Cassiopea, Virgo, Germini, etc.
pathetic, Feb 02 2006

       If we could produce fiber optics that can withstand geothermal heat, we could run them to various places on the planet in such a way that at least one will provide light. The fiber and collecting lenses would have to be very efficient.   

       Solar energy works well for illumination. And the color temperature would be correct, too.
ed, Feb 03 2006


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