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DNA Collection from Blood Suckers

Catch bugged criminals
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Say you've got a national DNA data base from unsolved assaults, rapes, murders and from prison escapees. You've also got sophisticated hard and software that can identify DNA from individual blood cells and match it on the data base. The final link is to scour the country collecting female mosquitos and process their "foreign" blood. Perps in hiding, could be zeroed in to within a few kilometers without the sensitive civil rights aspects of mass testing.
FarmerJohn, Apr 17 2002


       For some reason, from the title I thought this had to do with getting DNA from lawyers. I was all set to give this a big croissant :)
mrouse, Apr 17 2002

       Doesn't this all rest on the assumption that it is easier to find a mosquito who previously drew blood from a criminal than it is to find the criminal himself? I think finding the right mosquito would be quite a bit harder than just looking for the hiding criminal. Talk about a (winged) needle in a haystack!
Jeremi, Apr 17 2002

       course you should mr, thats the point of this place!
po, Apr 17 2002


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