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Really get into it.
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Blood donation is a fairly clinical process, and this is good if you want to be in and out as soon as possible. But for those of us who want a little more excitement, pay a nominal fee plus (monetary) donation and you can have your juice extracted in a mystical Voodoo ceremony, complete with pounding drums and chanting doctors. Perhaps you'd rather be pursued down silvery corridors by chanting Daleks, or enact some encounter with a supernatural being, or meet a friendly auditor from the Tax Office... the choice is yours.
Detly, Nov 02 2003


       So I'm not the only one...
Detly, Nov 02 2003

       Do you still get orange juice after?
waugsqueke, Nov 02 2003

       Yes, but you drink it out of a monkey's skull.
Detly, Nov 02 2003

       I want my blood taken out through a twisty straw, and I want orange juice the same way.
Overpanic, Nov 02 2003

       So hard to choose between the pressure sensitive pendulum axe or the multiple puncture Iron Maiden.
Oooo look, she's got barbed wire.

       If they could take it out without needles or other nasty sharp things then I'd be all for it.
madradish, Nov 03 2003

       "I've got a river of life flowin' out of me...."
RayfordSteele, Nov 03 2003

       I would imagine the vampire theme blood extraction scinario is fairly popular this time of year ... or jolly 'ol St. Nick chasing me down a hallway with a butcherknife sounds like an awesome way to donate blood
Letsbuildafort, Nov 03 2003

       [madradish] Who needs pointy sharp things. I've found that proper application of force via blunt object to any small appendage can cause quite a bit of blood to be released (c.f. the case of Hammer vs. Thumb)   

       You could also use some sort of high suction device over a blood vessel to extract directly through the skin. Not sure how well this would work though.   

       I would imagine the vampire theme blood extraction is fairly popular any time of the year, provided it's dark outside.
Reverend_Cobol, Nov 03 2003

       // You could also use some sort of high suction device over a blood vessel to extract directly through the skin. //   

       Extracting blood via hickey?
Detly, Nov 04 2003

       i suggest a similar system be created for sperm banks...
i-Mer, Nov 05 2003

       //c.f. the case of Hammer vs. Thumb//
God bless 'em - He put up a good effort but I bobbed and weaved - didn't get hit, as usual. I ended up swinging him, and bashed his head into a board. On a nail, even.

       Excellent idea, BTW - I give it a G++d.
thumbwax, Nov 05 2003


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