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Clotting Gel

Clotting gel to stem blood loss from tramatic injury
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So when a person gets a tramatic injury, like being shot or in a car accident they usually die of blood loss if they dont die right away from the injury. So i propose creating a quick setting non-toixc gel like compound which reacts with blood, clotting it, which can be sprayed on or in the wound of the patient, and can be easily removed with a disolving agent which is also non-toxic ofcourse. It has to be a gel becuase we dont want it entering the blood stream only covering the wound. Also its a stop gap measure until aid arrives, so it needs to be disovlable. It could be invaluable in combat injuries where medical attention is usually far away.


ddn, Jan 01 2001


       A valve utilizing a bellows to replace the conventional packing gland. One end of the bellows is welded to the rising stem; the other is sealed against the valve body.

The effect is to autotransfuse the victim from the site of a massive hemorrage to peripheral circulation. The critical plasma and its activated clotting factors is returned to circulation, and a shunt is used to expell fibrinated clots from the bellows reservoir.
reensure, Jan 01 2001

egnor, Jan 01 2001

       I'm not exactly sure, but it kind of looks like 'Put a bandage with a bag of blood attached on the wound and squeeze it to force new blood into the wound', kind of like a transfusion without a needle.
StarChaser, Jan 01 2001

       Plastiflesh, that staple of SF medikits!
centauri, Jan 04 2001

       Baked, I think. It's called fibrinogen, meaning 'former of fibrin'. Fibrin is a hard, insoluble substance used in this country (UK) to seal many small wounds. Soluble fibrinogen is converted to this on contact with both blood, air and the hormones released near a wound.
rjswanson, Apr 15 2001


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