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Gothic blood clinic

Vampire or torture chamber?
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This blood clinic is dark and menacing. It offers alternative methods of donation, such as having an attractive member of the opposite sex bite your neck with a hollow tooth, being hung upside down for the treatment as a fat men in a tunic reads religious literature aloud, or being strapped down and having a wild-eyed nurse gleefully cackle as he mumbles about blood. Alternative post-donation waiting rooms and snacks are available.

edit: Oh shoot, I just noticed "Dracula themed donation clinic". I'll leave this up, though, since it expands the options.

Voice, Feb 01 2021

Dracula themed blood clinic Dracula_20Themed_20Blood_20Donation
[Voice, Feb 01 2021]

The IT Crowd: From Goth to Boss https://www.youtube...watch?v=dL9tm3LHG6Y
Where are you going? Is it to the top? If not, why not? Let Richmond aid you in your transformation from Goth to Boss. [zen_tom, Feb 02 2021]


       ^ per the blood draw I'm curious: blood from your vessels is under some pressure; could the clinic donation apparatus also have some vacuum device to assist in filling the bag?
whatrock, Feb 01 2021

       So... [kdf]: not Goth.   

       <adds to yarn-strung spread-sheet>   

       For you, not an Emo blood clinic either ... they'd just sit around for hours trying to deal with the moral issues of blood donation, and their own existential angst.
8th of 7, Feb 02 2021


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